Cultivating Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude creates a world of abundance. When we focus our hearts on all that we are grateful for in our lives, it allows even more goodness to make it’s way in. Can you guess what kills our gratitude attitude?


Expectation is a creation of the mind that stems from fear and lack. When expectation roots itself in our mind, we begin expecting too much instead of showing gratitude for who and what we have been given.  We expect more out of our partner instead of being grateful for what they do for us.  We expect more out of our children instead of showing appreciation for their loving and open hearts.  We expect more money from our jobs, more respect from our boss, a larger house and a cooler car.  Expectation kills our dreams.  It tells us…

“Be Better, Do More, Get More”

and it tells others…

“You are not enough”.

You are not enough,  those words crush a heart… our own heart.

If you are willing, try this exercise. Close your eyes and deepen your breath. Select one person or situation you have set an expectation for (family, friend, work, etc), and allow a few moments to consider where the expectation arises.  Observe the workings of the mind and check in with the sensations of the heart. Do you feel even just a slight tightening in your chest?  That’s the heart disagreeing with the mind.

You see, at the foundation of emotion stands Fear and Love.  Anger, sadness and discontent originate from fear.  Happiness, excitement and adventure emanate from love.  Fear is a creation of the egoic mind, never of the heart. The heart only recognizes love.

When we set an expectation upon a person or situation, we are steering our inner world with the mind instead of the heart. Realize what your thoughts are declaring  is “You (job, partner, house) are not enough”.  The mind perceives a shortage, an insufficiency. 

Now take that same situation or person at the mercy of your expectation and envision yourself finding gratitude for what (it, they) have given you.  Utilize your heart instead of the mind.  Find something, (even if you have to search for a while), that will allow your heart to open and release.  Struggling?  Then simply find gratitude in the lesson of the situation it provided you. Now check back in with your heart.  Do you feel the tightness dissipate and your heart begin to release even if just a little?

Realize that expectation is only a thought of the mind, but nothing true or accurate of the heart.  The heart creates and expresses LOVE!

As we begin to extinguish expectation in our lives and embark on cultivating gratitude, we create a flow of energy resulting in a positive Law of Attraction experience. This is how abundance is created.  When we give thanks for what we have, we begin to receive more of what we want.

A Focused Heart of Gratitude

Creates the Impossible Dream.

As this New Year settles in I have one hope for you.  I wish you all the blessings of what a grateful heart provides. May you experience all the abundance of  health and happiness, success and fortune, and the power to experience your dreams coming true.



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