Full Moon Liberation

Today is the first full moon of 2016.  From the many conversations I’ve had paired with witnessing my own life this year, it seems 2016 has already had a significant impact on us.  The pendulum swing is greatly swaying from the perceived negative to the exciting positive.  This makes perfect sense to me.  Did you know we are in the 9th life cycle, the completion cycle?

I am not an Astrologer nor am I a Numerologist, but I do prefer to keep myself up to date on where our planet is and how numerology plays a part. In numerology, you add up all the numbers until they equal a single digit.

(2016) 2+0+1+6= 9

The life cycles occur in a pattern of 1-9 years, which means next year will start off as a year 1 life cycle.  The 9th life cycle is a time to reflect over the past 9 years, 2008 until now.

Are there emotions you have been carrying that are not supporting you in the type of life you would love to be living?

Are there loose ends, whether personal or professional, that need to be figured out and tied?

Are there emotional and energetic cords that need to be cut?

Are there old habits and old thought patterns that keep you constrained?

This is the year to figure this out.  Allow 2016 to be a time of endings, closing doors that have already began to shut.  There is no need to grip too tightly, allow the natural flow of life to occur.

Most of us have already began to feel the pressure of the new year.  Because the 9th life cycle is about releasing what is not good for you, and the full moon holds the same meaning, this full moon today seems especially important to me.

Create Your Own Full Moon Ceremony

Creating your own full moon releasing ceremony is a time for introspection.  You can do this alone or with close friends/family who can support each other while everyone shares what has been going on in life that is of no importance any longer.  This is a time to release the ties, cut the cords, let go.

There is no one way to create the ceremony because it is yours only.  Do what feels right for you.  Here is a short guide to help.

  1. Begin in prayer.  Have a conversation with Spirit and your Higher Self about what has been holding you down.  Listen to your inner self and feel the conversation of your prayer.  Allow negative situations and memories to come forth, do not suppress them.  This is your chance to finally let it all bubble to the surface for its final lift off from your heart.  Keeping emotions suppressed does not make them go away, it makes them grow and manifest into something bigger.
  2. Write these emotions and memories down on individual pieces of paper.  Write until you can not write any longer.  This purging process is necessary.  Getting it all out on paper frees the space it has been taking in your heart. Purging IS freeing!
  3. Get outside! The winter season is symbolic.  Whether you feel the cold of winter in your location or not, it is still winter.  Winter symbolizes the resting of things, not a time for growth per se.  Its a time for inner observation and reflection.
  4. Under the full moon light your fire.  (assuming we are all adults here I am sure you’ll take the proper precautions).  This could be simply using a candle or creating a bonfire.  Do what is right for you.
  5. One by one you will read each piece of paper out loud and toss it into the fire, a symbol of letting go of that emotion or negative situation that has been gripping at your heart.
  6. After you have burned each piece of paper, take time to sit with yourself.  Understand that the letting go of these things is necessary for your future self.
  7. Smudging.  Sage is an herb that is known for the immediate cleansing and purification of your aura and your environment.  Sweetgrass can also be used for purification of the spirit and produces a calming effect.  (I have smudging listed last but it can take place BEFORE & AFTER your sacred ceremony.)IMG_4936-300x192

Understanding that creating your own ceremony and allowing yourself to purge the things you have no control over is not a “Hocus Pocus” act, but simply a self care loving act you can do for yourself.  The ceremony of writing and burning the negative emotions and situations serve  as a symbol and future reminder that you have already chosen to release these.  When you observe yourself falling back into the old habit or feeling the old emotions, your conscious will say “Remember, we already released this in our ceremony.”  That is why there is power in this.

If you want more, incorporate Yoga’s Moon Salutation into your day.  The Moon Salutation promotes calmness and draws your awareness within.  Its the Yin of life.  Yin is our feminine side, intuition and feelings, our passive side.  Take time.  Take time to be with yourself.  You can find the time if you choose.  Your life is not too busy to love on yourself, that’s just the story we tell ourselves.  Guess what, it’s a made up story.


Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it! Please comment below and share with others if you feel called to!

Warm Wishes to you and your full moon liberation!


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  1. Thank you for sharing your insights and guidance. Your reminders are soooooo very appreciated! Being away from my spiritual family and social circles, it’s easy to stray from practice. And most definitely for moving to a new country, it’s easy to forget about ritual. So I thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for your words.

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