Sacred Emergence

When you begin to honor yourself as a human being created in Spirit’s likeness and image your life begins to shift.  You see, its easy to get caught up in the game of life, but the truth is you are more like the spectator of your life.  You are both the actor and the audience of your own movie.  Yes you are living your life, center stage of your own perception, but who is in the audience? Do you think those around you are your audience?  Would they even want to come to your show?  The truth is, you are your own audience.  Let me explain.

You have multiple dimensions of your Self.  You may remember back to any psychology class with Freud who said we are the Id, Ego and Superego.  Or Author Susan Anderson who coined the term Outer Child and that inside each one of us has an Inner Child, Outer Child and Adult Self.  Notice how it is broken into 3’s, like what Christians call Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  They are all separate yet one in the same, and so are you.

Have you ever just sat for a length of time and pondered what it actually means to be Created in the likeness and image of God?  We know the Bible says it, most Religions agree, but do they ever preach deeper into the meaning of this?  If religions truly understood the meaning of this I believe in my heart this world would be completely different.

You are a creator.  Its a Spirit given gift.  You create.  Whether it is something you choose to believe or not, take a look around you.  Are you not living a life you had hands in creating?

Are you in a relationship you chose or are you being forced to be in it?

Are you living in a place you agreed on or are you being held against your will there?

Did you interview at the job in which you work or does someone force you to get up and drive there everyday?

See where this is going?  You create the life you live.  It may not necessarily be a life you love, but you created it.  (I am not ignorant to the many lives in which ARE being forced to live by many, mostly women and children but thats not what this writing is about today.)

When you really accept the words that you are a creator into your heart, you will begin to see the sacredness in yourself and everything around you.  You will witness situations as sacred situations, people as sacred people, just the wind blowing in your hair will stir up a sense of sacred belonging in that very moment.

We, everything is interconnected.  Like the human body has different body parts and systems, but is yet one being in itself, so is this world we live.  Mother Earth is its own living being and yet connected to us because without her life for us would not exist.  You are your own living being yet without your parents you would not exist, nor would they without their parents and so on.  Without your friends in your life you would never have had the experiences you’ve had in your life, and even that car accident would not have made you think a little differently, a little wiser.

Understanding you, everyone around you and the world we live is all interconnected will begin to open your door to your own sacredness.  This is when your inner true self begins to grow and emerge.

Challenges help you grow.  Let’s take something easy.  Lets say you are challenging yourself to eat healthier.  Its hard.  You have to resist and fight the urges from within.  On the other side of this though is a more healthy beautiful you that is transpiring.  Without this challenge you would have remained your old self which is who you wanted to change. No challenge no growth.

Now let’s take something more difficult like a broken relationship or a death. The pain of it all is deep within, and it rests in the depths of your heart.  But its changing you.  When you work through the struggle, your new self will arise with more wisdom and understanding, a new emerging sacred you.

When you acknowledge yourself as a creator, finding the sacredness of YOU, your true self emerges.  You realize all your answers are found within.  Ever notice when you ask someone for their opinion about a situation in your life, and their answers don’t seem to completely resonate with your heart? Thats because they answer you with their own perspective of life, not yours.  So what is right for them may not be right for you.  Its entirely impossible for someone to know every detail of your life and the experiences you’ve had because they see life through their own life perspective glasses.  The point here is, no one can give you the right answer for you.  Only you can.

Here is your call to sacred action.

Go outside and sit with your journal.  Look around.  Watch the clouds drift by.  Listen to the birds.  Feel the breeze.  Be the audience to life happening around you.  Repeat over and over until you FEEL the meaning of these words,

“I am created in the likeness and image of God/Source/Universal Consciousness, and this means I am a creator of my own life.”

Write down the conversation your Soul Self begins with you.  Do this every day if you can.  I promise your life will positively change.  You will begin to see life through new glasses and your Sacred Self will Emerge into this world.  We are counting on you.

Thank you for reading.  Feel free to share and please leave your comments below!  

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  1. I really enjoyed reading your post Tara! It reminded me to take more time out of my busy day to connect with myself…I love the idea of keeping a journal too. I’m gonna start doing that!

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