Loosening the Grip on Balance

She strolled onto the beach just as the sky began to drizzle misty drops of liquid blessings.  Her first instinct was to turn around but something  whispered “why”, prompting her to set forth on her walk.  At first the journey was filled with inner silence as the waves loudly rushed the shore.  Slowly though with every footprint she left in the sand, the inner dialogue began to take shape.

It started with the remembrance of last night’s dream, one she wasn’t happy to recall, for it was one of loss.  Tears began to well up in her eyes, no heed to the point that the dream is not reality.  But then she noticed something.  The cold wet drops that rained down mixed with her warm tears on her face, and her attention quickly switched to the ability of feeling both at the same time in this present moment, releasing the worry from her heart.

She prayed to Spirit and her angels asking for continual guidance and signs, and just as she did, her inner knowing chimed in with “you’re already receiving them.”

She stopped for a moment gazing out over the sea all the way to the horizon and heard the word… Balance.

Depending on how old you are, you may be familiar with the 1980’s song “Hold On Loosely” by 38 Special.  Just then that song began playing in her mind! She chuckled! One of the ways her angels reach out to her is through music, and she couldn’t help but laugh at this chosen song for her!

“Loosen your grip” she pondered.

“Do not try to control the outcomes of what you can not control.  Do what you must, take intentional daily action, and then move aside to let go and let God.”  This she already knew but seemingly needed to hear again.

“There is balance in everything and finding balance is a practice that is almost never perfected.  Don’t stress about finding the balance, this is an oxymoron don’t you see?”

She did see.  In this moment she understood that every so often we have to lose balance in one aspect of our lives in order to find balance in another.  The constant re-adjustment in all facets of our lives to find balance will never stop, just like to ebb and flow of the waves.  As the tide retracts itself each day, it serves as a reminder that we too need to retract ourselves from situations and people periodically.  In fact, this is the only way to truly see what’s happening.

After a while still wandering the beach, the rain began to dissipate like the conversation of balance in her mind.  Once again, a short stent of silence.

So many seashells lined the shore. Some shells broken in half, some still seemingly intact. All beautiful in their own way.  Some she picked up to examine closer while others she simply stepped right over.  As much as she wanted to drop some in her pocket to take home, she decided not today.  The beauty of the shells is greatest when witnessed in their own environment.


Finding balance in your life takes a conscious decision to want to, along with choosing to deepen your connection to your Higher Self to learn about your needs.  If you feel like the hamster on the wheel of life, this is a sure sign to get off the wheel!  Your realization of feeling like the hamster is a positive one! Some people are on the wheel and don’t even acknowledge it.

How do you find balance?

Journal on how many facets of you exist.  What categories of your life do you want to give your attention to? Some examples are family, personal time, spiritual growth, friends, health & fitness, work life and more.  Write down your chosen categories and then decide roughly how much time you need to feel fulfilled in each one.  Then allow for the ebb and flow of each one to guide you, not stress you.  Over time you will begin to find your balance but remember, it can never be perfected, so be kind to yourself.

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