“BE-ing” in the Full Moon


Today, June 20th, marks another full moon for 2016 and also the official 1st day of summer with the Summer Solstice. Today also marks exactly one month since we’ve returned to Arizona for a breather from our 8 month East Coast journey in our 5th wheel RV.  This past month has been “FULL” of emotions and memories for me, accompanied with a deeper sense of meaning to this human experience.

As my Oracle Cards told me exactly a month ago, it is time to “BE” the hermit for a while.  Truthfully at the time I didn’t quite get it… I do now.  This is exactly what my persona, my emotions and my actions revealed as I see one month later.  I had no desire to interact on social media or with much of anyone that was not right in front of me for that matter.  I had to get comfortable with this uncomfortable-ness I was experiencing. The uncomfortable part was in my head. My mind had a list a mile long of things I wanted to check off for our online business, and the more I avoided it, the more the mental chatter got the best of me.

A couple months before arriving back home, I swear Spirit was preparing me for this.  My body began rejecting anything I put in it if it was not good for me.  One glass of wine made me feel like I drank the whole bottle.  Coffee made my head buzz.  Gluten made me itch.  It was crazy.  So I decided that when we returned back home, (starting on the last full moon) I would pull out our trusty ol’ juicer, make a trip to the store for a cart full of organic produce and embark on a 3-day detox of juicing only.  I did just that, but I wasn’t prepared for what else occurred.

Did you know that when we drink our meal, it takes our digestive system approximately 15 minutes to digest, but eating a meal it takes about 2-6 hours depending on what it is?

This is why some religious and spiritual people either fast or juice.  If our physical body doesn’t have to focus on digesting food, it can be more focused on what it is experiencing.  You can become more attuned to what your physical body (and energetic body) is trying to tell you.

I’d like to think of myself as a spiritually aware person, but I did not really think about what I was starting and the timing of it all.  What I mean is this…

My initial purpose of the detox of coffee, alcohol, sugar, meat, gluten and dairy from my body, and the flooding of nutrients from organic fruits and vegetables into my body was to be just that… a healthy change to feel better.  We already eat healthy (organic and grass fed) and everything we were eating above was in moderation, but I just felt I was being called to push a little more.  Not only did I begin detoxing physically, but I was detoxing emotionally, energetically and spiritually, and holy cow I was not prepared for that!  Hence, I became the hermit.

After the 3 day juicing, I began incorporating meals that consisted only of fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts and legumes, and have stuck with that so far with a few minor exceptions.  I have no interest in meat, as I have been vegetarian before.  I can’t eat gluten or I will itch to death.  I have not had any alcohol and have no desire still, but coffee or chai tea has become a once a week splurge.  I have switched to goat’s milk for my yogurt and that’s the only dairy I have, and I must say physically I feel fantastic!  Emotionally, my detox is taking longer than the physical part of the experience and I am still wrestling with my mind.

Thankfully yoga is a part of my life, and not just asana practice, but true yoga. I have been able to surrender to those suppressed feelings, letting them bubble up to my surface for releasing.  Though its been tough at times, and I have balled my eyes out during asana practice, I have energetically felt the release and have been able to sit in peace and stillness after the inner storm subsided.  Until the next day to find another emotion ready to rear its head and for me to continue this process of moving the energy to the surface with asana, crying it out for releasing, and once again finding a new layer of peace and stillness.  The “peeling back the onion” so-to-speak.

And so here we are, another full moon. I have written previous blogs about how to release emotions on a full moon through personal sacred ceremonies and simply journaling for release, but I have never written about this way to do it.  How could I? I had never done this before a month ago.

I write and share this with you for many reasons.

Physical Health- making changes in your food to cut out the toxins which are everywhere, and they are hurting us.

Emotional Health- some of us allow food to numb and suppress emotions we would rather not deal with, and this is the cycle we become stuck in.  For some, food is the drug, and the problem is that you can’t just decide to stop eating food.  Make healthy food changes for your emotional health.

Spiritual Health- the food we eat is vibrational energy. Plants vibrate high whereas processed foods have very little if any vibration.  We are what we eat.  If you want to deepen your connection to Spirit, eat highly vibrational foods and forgo the crap food.

This full moon also has a more symbolic meaning to me since it piggy-backs Father’s Day.  Father holds masculine energy, and masculine energy is the “Do-er” whereas Mother is feminine energy and is the “BE-er”.  Have you noticed that your energy may have been physically or mentally pushing you to Do Do Do and Go Go Go?  The issue here is that we want to create a life for ourselves but we forget that we are not the creators but are the Co-Creators of our life.  Are you praying to God for help but not allowing Spirit to help you because you yourself are trying to “DO” too much?  This is your opportunity to give yourself permission to step aside and “BE”.  Being the Co-Creator, and remembering to allow Spirit to take the position of Co-Creator as well.

In closing, if you are looking for some ideas of how to “release” the things that are taking up space in your mind and heart, then I recommend releasing any unhealthy eating habits you currently have while also releasing the need to “DO”.  Find the balance between the DO-ing and the BE-ing accompanied with a more positive eating lifestyle and watch yourself shift and deepen into this human experience we call life.

Please share with anyone and everyone if you feel inspired. Thank you.

Blessings & Namaste,




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