Shanti Sisters Sacred Retreat


When is the last time your took a time out for yourself to listen to what your heart needs to tell you?
We’ve been good girls long enough! We take care of our careers, partners, children, the house and the bills, but why don’t we schedule time to take care of ourselves? Well, we know why. Our society lacks the support system of a Sisterhood. Us women need other women, we need mentors, we need understanding that only females can support.

Shanti Sisters Sacred Retreat, led by Kristi and Tara, is *INSPIRED* by International Goddess Day and a desire to create sacred space where women can come together and be authentic with their feelings and get the support we all need.

This Retreat will be the start of a Sisterhood Community and YOU will be the founding Sisters!

If you have been yearning to find the true you, to refresh your spirit, be wild and free, let go and be present, and retrieve the lost parts of you- then this retreat is for YOU!

Plato said: “The unexamined life is a wasted life.” So go ahead and JUMP and silence those voices in your head that say “no, I don’t have time or the money for this” because YOU DO! Make the choice for yourself to DO IT and then don’t look back! It’s finally your turn!

STARTS: Sept. 9th, 2016 5PM

ENDS: Sept. 11th, 2016 12pm

LOCATION: Solid Rock Ranch in Ash Fork, AZ

Includes sleeping accommodations, vegetarian meals, supplies, Goddess Bag filled with special goodies, guided activities of yoga, self reflection and sisterhood support, along with the continued Shanti Sisters Community you will be a part of through Facebook Group and upcoming events.

You will leave the retreat feeling grounded, sure of what you want in your life and materials to help you carry on with your best intentions from this day forward!

10 Spots for you Goddesses

DEADLINE for Registration is September 2nd!
Register TODAY to reserve your spot!

Register here at this link below!

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