5 Reasons Why You NEED to know about Urban Vertical Gardening


My family buys only organic produce.  I would rather drive a beat up car and eat healthy than spend our money on “things” and not have enough left over for healthy food. It’s all perspective. I refuse to contribute to poisoning myself and my family with the 1000+ chemicals that are sprayed on our food. I refuse to contribute to voting with my money to support chemical companies that somehow got their filthy hands into our food system.  How did this happen? Oh wait follow the money.

Four years ago I didn’t know that produce must be picked at peak ripeness in order for it to contain the highest nutrients available.  I didn’t know that the produce at the grocery was not nutrient dense because it is picked way before its ripe, even organic.

Do you know about Delayed Ripening Technology (genetically modifying food so that it doesn’t go bad) so as to extend the shelf life of produce?  I’m pretty sure our processed food has enough preservatives to withstand being on the shelf for ages, but our fresh produce? Come on!

Or what about the fact that farmers pick produce while its still green, not ripe yet and significantly lower in nutrients, and the food gets sprayed with Ethylene Gas to give it the appearance of being ripe? Is this what Mother Nature intended? Absolutely not!

What I know and what I want to share with you are these very simple things.

  • Organic today is not completely organic in the way the FDA would have you believe.  Organic still gets sprayed.  Not all Organic farmers spray, but some do.  So how do you know which Organic farmer is spraying and which ones are not? The answer is you don’t.  Check out *this article* from the official FDA Blog.
  • Buy Local.  This may ensure that you are buying produce that did not get picked weeks ago, but that maybe it was picked within the last week.
  • GROW YOUR OWN FOOD! Its healthier for your family. Its cheaper for your bank account. It’s better for the environment.

Well I do not have a green thumb,  its a brown one. Double that up with the fact that we live in Arizona where the soil is dried up hardened dirt and we get rain about 5 times a year.  How do we grow in this environment?  What about people who live in big cities with no space to grow? What about our water crisis in our country and the world?

-Enter Vertical Growing Systems.-  There are quite a few out there these days and people have plenty of options, so no more excuses right? Hydroponic, Aeroponic, Aquaponics.  Our society should be getting very familiar with these terms.

We found out about this vertical aeroponic Tower Garden™ 4 years ago.  My daughter’s Naturopathic Pediatrician told us about it.  I was a daily juicer at the time and spending hundreds of $$ every month on organic produce.  What I know now about produce as compared to what I knew back then has shifted greatly.  I am very grateful.

These things are popping up everywhere and if you haven’t seen them yet your sure to see them now.  They are in Chicago O’Hare Airport, SF Giants Stadium, a number of restaurants, schools, and even Google’s cafeteria!

It took time for me to research and we finally figured out what gardening system worked best for us, and it is the Tower Garden.  The Tower Garden has been studied at the University of Mississippi which is the best agricultural school in the  country.  The study compared crop yield and nutrient density between the Tower Garden and traditional gardening.  The TG had both faster and more crop yield along with more nutrient dense produce while at the same time significantly less water used.  Check out the *published research study here*.

Here are 5 Reasons WHY you NEED to know about Urban Vertical Gardening.

  1. MORE NUTRIENT DENSE- Our food has significantly less nutrients then it did years ago because  our soil is depleted and because produce is picked WAY before it is actually ripe. Picking fruits & veggies when they are ripe ensures more power packed nutrients. Why does this matter? Because our human bodies require anti-oxidants for our health.  This is why Hippocrates said “Let thy Food by thy Medicine and our Medicine be thy Food.”  We NEED those nutrients to have a healthy body.
  2. ORGANIC- Growing your own produce has now become the ONLY way you can be TGswithgrowlitesassured that your food is Organic and free of pesticides and herbicides.
  3. LOCAL- It takes a lot of environmental resources to get your food to your plate. Urban Gardening is as easy as walking out on your patio and grabbing what you need and significantly better for our environment.
  4. LESS WATER- Traditional gardening uses 80% of our water. This Aeroponic technology used with the Tower Garden uses 98% less! This is HUGE for Mother Earth!
  5. YEAR AROUND GROWING- You can grow year around using Grow Lights and never be without your own organic produce.

Just like everything else in life, DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH.  I want people to feel informed and empowered with every decision you make about you and your family’s health.

For more information and videos *CLICK HERE*.

If you found this article helpful please share the knowledge, Thank you!


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