5 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

Today, Monday March 20th marks the Spring Equinox for 2017. Each year we experience the equinox two times (spring and fall) and the solstice twice (summer and winter).  The equinox brings us the balance of day and night, where now the day is as long as the night.

As we ponder on what Spring time brings us, this is the time to plant seeds.  We plant seeds in our gardens, and we plant seeds in our mind and soul.  Spring time represents the fertile opportunity the soil provides us to plan, prepare and grow food to nourish our bodies, and also the opportunity to set a new stage in our lives to nourish ourselves emotionally too.

The Spring Equinox tenderly reminds us of  REbirth and REnewal.  This is a time to REassess what you choose to keep and what you choose to let go.  Now that you’ve had the time to be still in the winter season, is there something in your life you REalize you would like to REcreate, REframe or RElease?  REmember that when a baby is first born, the baby doesn’t know what its doing.  Take this time to be gentle with yourself.  Symbolically, you have just been rebirthed.  Nothing is perfect at this time. Don’t push, listen to your inner guidance.  Like a flower slowing growing through the soil, so too are you finding a new way of being.

As a woman, compare yourself only to Mother Earth.  You are like her.  You have times to be still, times to be fertile, to grow and to release.  Symbolically, You sister, are in your fertile time.  What are you ready to create and give birth to in your life?

Here are 5 ideas you can use to assist you in honoring the parts of you that are represented by our Spring Equinox.

  1.  Journal. Take some time to REalize what came up for you during the winter season.  Winter provides us the chance to be still and listen. What did you learn in your own stillness? What would you prefer to let RElease that is no longer serving your soul and the path you are choosing to walk? What seeds do you want to plant in your heart?
  2. Declutter and Organize.  Our homes represent the condition of our minds and our thoughts.  Decluttering and Organizing your space will help you think more clearly.  A little REdecorating will bring new life into your home too!
  3. Nourish Yourself.  Eat highly vibrational foods and drink more water.  Plants can not grow without proper nutrients and plenty of water, and neither can you.  Choose fruits and veggies over cookies and cakes.  We got to eat those comfort foods in our winter stillness.  Allow yourself to resonate with the seasons appropriately.  We have approached a new season. Eat foods that nourish your rebirth and growth.  Want to do even more? Start a 3-5 day cleanse.
  4. Move Your Body.  Walk, hike, exercise, do yoga/asana. Just 20 minutes most days will change the way you look at yourself and your beliefs about your body.
  5. Go Outside and get your Vitamin D.  Take a blanket out under a tree, lay down, close your eyes, listen and connect for 20 minutes most days of the week. Heck, tap a nap if you want out there!  You will be absolutely amazed at how peaceful you feel on a daily basis doing this practice.


6.  Create a Sacred Space.  Prepare a place in your home that can be just for you and surround yourself with things that make you feel good!

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Tara Fournier

Tara is a spiritual seeker who is guided by Spirit to share with you, her quests of finding her own inner truths of life through personal reflections, self discoveries, yoga, and mind body awareness in hopes of inspiring you in your own journey. You can also find her at TaraFournier.com

4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Celebrate the Spring Equinox

  1. Ah! I love this post! Thank you for sharing your wisdom on the celebration of Spring! It is my most favourite season of the four, I see it more powerful than how others see New Years. What cleanse do you suggest? My body has been asking for a cleanse but I’m not sure where to start… and what is readily available to cleanse with in Japan. I have a blender but no juicer…

    1. Hi!! Tank you for your comment! The easiest cleanse in the sense of products would be to focus on eating as many (10-12) servings of fruits and veggies for as many days as you can. This is the most natural form of a cleanse. If possible, do not have caffeine as caffeine prevents the liver from detoxing properly and efficiently. Reduce dairy, alcohol, sugar and gluten as they are inflammatory producers. Do 3 days, if possible 5 and if you are feeling up to it, go for 10 days!! I hope this helps!

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