Theresa Anne Gutierrez

Theresa helps women and children fulfill their Life’s Purpose!

Through her various interactions with the spirit realm, Theresa was shown that she has the gift of energy work, or hands-on healing, and she’s been practicing intuitively and successfully with a prayer in her heart since 2001.  She later became a Reiki Master-Teacher because of this spiritual guidance.  Theresa most recently studied at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts for a Holistic Health Care degree in Mind Body Transformational Psychology.  She has received certificates in Life Coaching, Spiritual Studies, and Reiki Master-Teacher (RMT).  She is also a student practitioner of Polarity Therapy.  Theresa has been a Raw Food Teacher since 2002 and became a certified Nutritional Herbologist in 2004, but she has been living herbalism since 1997 which supported her children’s natural health and immunity so much so that none of her children have ever used an anti-biotic, prescription drug, or over-the-counter medication.  Theresa has also been studying Scientific Hand Analysis since 2010, which is a divine union between ancient palmistry and modern science that reveals the soul’s journey map to fulfilling their Life’s Purpose!

Throughout the ages of 3-9, Theresa endured the trauma of prolonged childhood sexual abuse which is what perhaps ignited her deep spiritual yearning to feel close to God at such a young tender age.  She also experienced the excruciating untimely death of her mother when she was 15 years old, near after she was sexually violated again by a close family member.  Having learned to cultivate and nurture an intimate relationship with The Divine, Theresa has now dedicated her life’s work to the healing and support of other survivors of extreme loss and abuse so they, too, can discover and fulfill their Life’s Purpose.

Outside of work Theresa enjoys dancing and drumming, writing and singing, playing sports and getting out in nature.  What she most enjoys, though, is laughing with her family… four fun-loving, creative children and one grandson!

Theresa Anne Gutierrez is the author of, “I AM Worthy; Changing the Countenance of Abuse” and is a Mystical Midwife Extraordinaire, transcendent of abuse, and a Successful Visionary Spiritual Teacher and Gifted Healer with an Inspirational Message of Peace, Love and Wisdom for the Masses.

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