Group Heart Reading

No!  I am NOT talking about pulling out the EKG!  I’m talking about a major line in the palm of your hands known as The Heart Line 😉

The Heart Line in your hands is SO much more than the horizontal line closest to your fingers!  It’s the water of it all, and we all know that there is no life without water! 

Yes, the Heart Line is also known as a physical manifestation of a major neural pathway in your brain, but which pathway?  Your emotional path.  Your Heart Line is a symbol of your love style and natural inclinations when it comes to expressing your feelings as well as a key component in HOW you can live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.  When you get to know your true nature, it’s an opportunity for self-discovery, self-compassion, self-awareness, and bold honesty!  And let’s get real here, when you know somebody else’s Heart Line… illumination!  You now have the insight and a key component to the blueprint for building lasting soul-filling relationships

How do you express love and affection?  How do you prefer those most important actions to be expressed to you?  Did you know your Heart Line reveals the answers to that question from a deep soul level?    

There are four basic Heart Line archetypes.  Some people have just one, thank you for simplifying!  Others have more than one, bless their complexity 😉 You may have clean lines or “messy” lines, long lines or short lines, curvy lines or straight lines… all of which tell us what’s going on in that gorgeous brain of yours! …and your tender heart of course   These Heart Line archetypes give us more insights into what we in Scientific Hand Analysis refer to as the Heart Lines Matrix: basically… your Needs, Likes, Hates, Common Errors, Style, Gift, and Common Most Compatible Partner!  Wow!  How frickin’ amazing is that?!  Your relationships are literally in YOUR hands!

Can you imagine what this information could do for you and your relationships with your romantic partner, your children, your parents, your friends, your co-workers, and… your SELF too!  Radical transformation is my first response!  We were all born with our innate personalities (I believe in both nature AND nurture from a Divine Big Picture sort of view) but when we are given the opportunity to compare and contrast with the people in our lives such solid proven evidence of our inherent emotional path as shown through our Heart Lines, it opens us to the understanding of the reality that we really ARE each born for a Purpose which requires us to have the personalities we do (and that includes our Love Style) …and the Heart Line archetypes are a leading role to your Purpose fulfillment potential. 

An entrepreneur not honoring her Heart Line as Divinely etched into her palm will certainly find herself floundering, stuck, burnt out, or feeling unfilled in some way.  A mother and daughter may find themselves ramming heads without a lick of understanding, leaving them feeling confused and sad about their lack of connection.  And that romantic relationship?  Well, you get where I’m going with this 😉 Acknowledging this piece of our Divine Design through understanding your Heart Line and others’ can increase the bonds that tie us together… deepening our soul-connections here on Earth.

A full hand reading is valued at $497, but I am going to share with you this Heart Line piece of your Soul Map as divinely drawn in your own hands for only $37/person in a LIVE Group Heart Reading!  This will be a recorded call that you get to keep forever and will be emailed to you after the call is completed!  In order for everyone to get personalized time with me, we are keeping the groups very intimate… 5 people per group!  One of the things I love about group readings is that we all learn from each other’s life experiences how to use and apply this new knowledge and awareness to improve our lives in a profound, long-lasting way.

The Group Heart Reading is one hour in length.  When you register online, you can choose your date and time from the following options:


Registration ends on June 2nd, so if you are feeling the feels, the spirit bumps, the rush of YES! Telling you this is exactly what you’ve been looking for… jump in now!  …and here’s why:

After we receive your payment I will mail your Hand Printing Kit to you.  What?!  Actual mail in an electronic world?!  Yes!  Actual mail with the US postal service where they drive around in those cute little mail trucks to deliver to you a little package from me😉 Next, you’ll print your hands and fill out the paperwork.  Then you send it all back to me!  The only way to get out of mailing your prints and papers back to me is if you have awesome high quality, high definition scanning abilities, in which case you get to e-mail everything to me instead.  If you are attempting the e-mail option, please allow time for me to review the results just in case the prints are fuzzy or unclear in some way and I do end up needing you to mail it all back to me anyway.  I literally use a magnifying glass and bright light to study your hands!  Clarity is important.  However, that being said… even with best efforts, some people’s hands just print fuzzy… that’s ok… that’s actually insightful too 😉 

Another bonus to this method is that even if something happens in your life to prevent you from being on the call live (which of course is preferable for the Divine Vibe of the group) but we all get that Life Happens… so if you aren’t with us physically, we will honor your soul-presence and I will still give your reading on the recording!  You will not miss out!


If you’re ready for your relationships to change in a positive way, REGISTER today for your Group Heart Reading!  This is seriously exciting stuff!

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