What Your Hands Can Tell You (Registration Ends June 2nd)

What Heart Line type are you?  Are you a Hermit or are you a Big Heart?  Are you a Passionate or a Romantic Idealist?  Could you be a Simian?  Most importantly, do you genuinely love and accept who you are?  What about others… do you wish someone could be different or that you could be more like them?

Are you a “me first” type of person, or an “others first” type of person?  Is it possible you are one type of person, but maybe you feel bad about it in some way so you try to be another type of person (for example: a Hermit trying to be a Big Heart)?  That shows up in your heart lines… and what you’ll discover in a hand reading is how that’s showing up and how it’s affecting you, your self-image, your relationships and maybe even your health.

Every archetype has a Master Path and a Student Path and each is also most closely related to either Earth, Air, Fire or Water.  Oftentimes people also have what we call “heart line extras” such as mate-selectors, confusion bubbles, daggers, armoring, chains, splintered and many more.  The more we can learn about our heart lines, the more authentically we can show up for ourselves and others.  The more we learn about the Master and Student paths, the more easily we can become aware of how it’s showing up in the moment so that we can make a new conscious choice to be real, to be true to ourselves and trust that our bold honesty is what’s best for everyone involved.

I am a mother of four (2 girls and 2 boys), I am also a Social Hermit archetype.  One of my daughters is a Romantic Idealist archetype.  One of the things I require is a LOT of time alone to recharge my batteries so to speak, yet my daughter requires long meaningful conversations… she craves to be understood… and knowing this information has helped me to prioritize making sure I take care of my needs so that I have the energy to be there for her in a way that’s meaningful to her.  She learned at a young age to honor my need for alone-time, and I have learned to come out of my sanctuary refreshed and able to sustain those long, beautiful conversations that build our sense of connection with one another… both of us feeling respected and understood. 

It hasn’t been a straight and easy path for a Hermit like me to feel like I’m being a “good mother.”  But as I’ve learned about the Heart Lines, and Hand Analysis as a whole, I have been learning to love and accept my Master and Student paths while learning about my children’s as well.  My children are ages 15-20 at this point in time (and I have a 14 month old grandson now, too)!  Despite the angst I held about my Hermit mothering style, I have come to see how unconditionally they love me as I do them.  We are good to each other and for each other.  And I believe part of that is because I always held a strong belief that each of them was born for a Purpose and only they truly know which path will help them fulfill it.  I have always trusted that they will find themselves and their paths no matter what I do “right or wrong.”  I see what’s in their hands, and remind them when they need it as to just how gifted they are

Although none of my children are a Big Heart (the Hermit’s most compatible style), we have learned to respect our innate heart styles and live and work with each other in ways that are fun and fulfilling 😃   Although I have to say, I do wish I lived with at least ONE Big Heart just so someone would do the dishes!!!  Haha!!  All of us are just too busy 😉

If you feel like knowing your Heart Line’s ins and outs would benefit you and your loved ones, I encourage you to sign up for our upcoming Group Heart Line event later in June! 

Registration ends June 2nd so jump on in for your turn in the Hot Seat!


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