Dawn Divita

“When you say YES to others, make sure you are not saying NO to yourself” 

~Paulo Coelho

My name is Dawn DiVita. I have been practicing yoga since 1998 and teaching since 2003. I continue to study and practice yoga as I am forever evolving within the inner and outer landscape of the body, mind, and spirit. My offerings to others come from my experiences. I do not change or alter these lessons to fit a certain perspective or idea, because I know in my deepest space of knowing I am not alone.

A long time ago, a student called me the “un-filtered teacher” and I laughed large – the entire body! It made me smile, reflect, and confirmed that speaking truth is needed, necessary, and I do it well. Yes – I am that individual who makes some jaws drop, laughter happens, eye brows raise, and even on some occasions some students may never return to class. And I am okay with that. On that day – I am not that individual’s teacher. I am a passionate individual and sometimes that maybe too much for some. 

My work is to hold a healing space for people to not only experience the amazing dance within body and breath, but also to wake it up! Wake up to our innate creativity and deepest desires. Wake up to the emotional pain and suffering that has been buried to protect. Practicing yoga is hard and beautifully profound work. I purely enjoy holding space for individuals who want to delve deep into this union called YOGA!      

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