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Greetings, Sister Tribe!  One of our sisters recently reached out to me for help because of my knowledge of palmistry which inspired me to share here on My Divine Compass.  Our hands are quite an accurate compass to turn to when navigating our lives!  As a physical compass points to True North, our hands always lead us to our Soul’s Purpose in life.

First, I’ll share why one of my remarkable friends reached out to me for help and the kind of help she was seeking.  Next, I’ll explain why I couldn’t give her what she wanted.  Then, I’ll bring to light what my amazing friend has in common with SO many of us on a personal spiritual path while also parenting!  Finally, I’ll reveal as much detail as I can in answering her request for help with the information that I’ve been given by her.  I trust that my friend isn’t the only woman on the planet experiencing these feelings and repeating patterns, so her quest for clues will help all of us. 

My friend reached out to me because her child has had two very serious injuries to the left thumb, and my friend’s right ring finger was bitten.  My friend wanted to know the metaphysical meaning or warning that maybe something is wrong.  She said she is on a total rollercoaster in her life, a difficult odd period and trying to make sense of it all.  My friend is looking for clues and another dimension to the information she has found online. 

A few years back, she was even feeling made of parts glued together and not a whole.  When my friend reached out to me, she told me she feels like her and her child are linked in their problems and that she is feeling stuck as to how to make it better.  My friend even stated that she is feeling desperate for answers… “NOW NOW NOW.”  My friend got really vulnerable when she shared with me that she feels her life is being wasted and she has no clue what to do.

Can you relate?  The truth is, I feel like most of us can relate to her quite well.  I know I felt exactly like her before I found Scientific Hand Analysis.  I felt deeply grateful that she trusted me with her heart and her life to reach out to me for help.  I also felt really excited to share my work with her to illuminate the messages our souls speak through the hands and offered her a couple of options… a consultation or a full hand analysis reading for her and her child.  I was surprised to notice that the information she found online did not match at all to what I have learned in my studies, so I felt I could really help alleviate the pain she was experiencing (as shared in the above paragraph) by giving a proven path to Life Purpose fulfillment through hand analysis. 

Here’s where I found out I could not give her what she wanted… at that point my friend let me know that she isn’t “looking for such in-depth info, just out of curiosity if there is a warning as to what she is missing…”  She thought I would be able to offer her “a small thing, ‘oh, this is X” type of answer to help her put things in bit of perspective.  Unfortunately, this is a common misconception of palmistry (and herbalism as it turns out).  I know Louise Hay and Karol K. Truman have written books about the body as a whole, where we can look up ailments or body parts to find their emotional or metaphysical interpretation, such as: issues with the adrenal glands could mean feeling defeated in life.

In the realm of Scientific Hand Analysis, though, it’s rarely that simple; and although what I do is super fun and interesting, it isn’t just fun and interesting… this kind of palmistry is interpreting a phenomenal soul-map on our bodies, in our hands and fingers to be precise.  This soul-map was created to help us break patterns that cause us to feel like we’re on a nauseating, head-banging roller coaster we can’t get off of…  Hand Analysis can help anyone feeling stuck and worried, overwhelmed and powerless, frustrated, or confused, as well as healing those souls feeling broken and put together all wrong and quite desperate for sure!  Most of the people that find me are literally on the edge in the depths of their own spiritual crisis of meaning in life… I’m often their last hope in finally finding answers, breaking repetitive self-destructive patterns, and decisively living their Life’s Purpose to the max. I agree with my mentor, Baeth Davis, that Scientific Hand Analysis is the ultimate life coaching tool.  

I suppose I could give a quick “this is that” answer for left thumb and right ring finger… but it would be hollow.  Without the in-depth intricacies of actually knowing what those particular fingers mean to that person specifically through deciphering the fingerprint profile and the variables of the thumb, a quick answer to quell curiosity simply won’t be enough to make lasting change and truly help my friend or her child.  Period. 

I don’t want to give somebody I care about a hollow incomplete answer, not for my friends nor any client.  I love love LOVE helping people!!  I find deep, life-affirming satisfaction when I get to help people.  A quick answer doesn’t usually work, though, to really help permanently break patterns, as women or parents, so that we can move forward with clarity, direction and purpose.  We need time and on-going support to take the information into our consciousness and then to experience it our bodies and lives.  This creates an anchor of trust within ourselves.  This creates a focal point of reference when we begin to veer off-path again…  Again and again and again we can come back to the compass in our hands that leads us to our souls’ Purpose.  Our hands are a gift to us from our souls!  No quick answer will do.

Yes, the in-depth, most accurate answers take quite a bit longer and require an investment of our time, energy, money and commitment, but they are the answers that are going to change our lives.  They are not complicated answers, but they are specific to each individual, going into the depths of our Soul Purpose for being on Earth right now.  If you find your hands or fingers are taking a beating (injuries, bites, burns, etc.) you can be sure that’s your soul trying to get your attention! 

So now that I’ve shared why I could not help my friend in the way she wanted when she asked me to, I still want to help my friend and all of us soul sisters in this tribe as much as I can just in case any of us may be having the same issues of left thumb attention-grabbing events.   

In today’s blog post, we’ll start with the left thumb, but in general terms first. [I will not address the right ring finger today because the thumbs need a lot of time and attention, but  I’ll share about the right ring finger in a future post.]   

The thumbs are the key to manifestation.  What is manifestation?  What does it mean to manifest? 

Well, that could be a whole separate blog… but very simply put: to manifest something means the ability to take something from nothing (before thought), into thought, then action, next relationship… and then finally bring that something new into the physical world… aka: creation. Okay, maybe that’s not the simplest answer, but it makes sense and our thumbs represent this innate capacity we all have.

To know our thumbs is to know our personal manifesting style’s strengths and weaknesses, or more accurately stated: our Master Path and our Student path to manifesting. In order for me to give the most precise thumb reading (however still not in relation to our fingerprint profile) I assess six variables of the thumb: 


2.Angle of Opposition




6.Chakra zones   

From gathering this information, I can then determine many things such as: 

●Our will and capability in manifesting 

●How much (or little) we enjoy “doing” and getting results 

●Our ability to get results (or not) 

●Our ability to control, shape or dominate our world 

●How we do (or don’t) resist and oppose our natural tendencies and habits through making new choices 

This is just the tip of the iceberg!  I have an entire binder full of content just for the thumb reading that leads into a simple, but powerful catapult to manifest your dreams in “The 4-Step Creative Process (Based Upon Your Thumb’s Structure)” as taught to me by my heart-centered, highly successful Hand Analysis mentor I mentioned earlier.

More specifically, but still without the fingerprint profile information, the left thumb is all about family and community.  The fingerprint profile may rank the left thumb as Purpose, Lesson, or neither… so that will impact our lives in diverse ways, including our manifesting styles. 

The left side of the body is typically known in the metaphysical world as being the feminine, emotional, receiving, and spiritual path side of ourselves.  Whereas the right side of the body is more known for the masculine, giving, physical action and direction in life.  Every person has in internal masculine and feminine side.  The feminine side knows what’s valuable, the masculine side stands up for those values.  Most people look outside of themselves for a divine marriage, when what’s really needed first is the inner Divine Marriage of our masculine and feminine selves.  This is very important when working on manifesting our dreams into reality.

In all things hands, we experience the pendulum swing of things… too much energy, too little energy, or our “just right” energy.  There’s a lot to explore when facing left thumb issues as you can now see, including an elemental energy.   

In Polarity therapy the thumbs are the Ether element.  Some of the basic qualities of Ether include:

●allowing, being, emptiness (I imagine an empty womb of infinite possibilities) 

●inspiration, meditation, openness, presence

●sacredness, space, stillness

I have spent many hours in class learning about Ether so please don’t think this is a comprehensive list.  But if we, as my friend, are noticing thumb issues… we can ask ourselves where we are on the pendulum swing of Ether (too much or too little) because that self-awareness can be taken to the injury to help resolve the physical problem of repeated wounds, but also the spiritual metaphysical wake-up call to course-correct based on the zone location of the injury (five out of the seven major chakras have zones in the thumb) and how that may interplay with the fingerprint profile.

To make a plan that brings awareness to negative patterns and supports us taking positive action on Purpose, we would want to investigate these areas further in our lives.  For example, examining the pendulum swings we experience with family and community (left thumb) in our lives… too much or too little?  Does my family or community effect my ability to manifest?  The pendulum swing of Ether?  Do I have too much stillness and quiet, or not enough?  As in the case of my friend’s child, which chakra zone does this “very serious injury” keep taking place?  How can we bring harmony to this chakra to support my child’s personal growth?  If I feel my child’s problems are linked to my own, how do I relate to my child’s left thumb injuries?  What part does the child’s left thumb play in the fingerprint profile: Purpose, Lesson, or neither?  What about the variables of the thumb… am I playing to my strengths?  Can I take my weaknesses and make them into strengths by turning to my family or community?  The questions can go on and on…

To recap, my friend had what seemed to me to be a big serious problem to solve, an emotionally intense and painful set of experiences in life, but she wanted something I could not give… a quick answer.  Many of us women have experienced big problems and loads of pain and have probably sought out quick solutions, just like my friend.  I mean after all… IT HURTS!  As an herbalist, this reminds of the medical doctor that says, “take these pills and call me in the morning.”  That’s a quick solution, all right!  But in Scientific Hand Analysis, as with the art of herbalism, “take this for that” is more of a Western way of approaching what ails us.   The symptoms might go away for a while (as long as you keep on the meds or jumping around for quick answers that might only scratch the surface), but the root cause still lingers below the surface. I’ve done my best to reveal as much as I can about the left thumb without having the fingerprint profiles or thumb variables to help bring as much accuracy and clarity to the problem as possible.  

My hope is that, as sisters, we will be able to take what I’ve shared here today and make a decision about our best next step.  Are you out of harmony with Ether?  Are you having trouble manifesting?  Is your family or community struggling in some way?  What’s your next best step?  What kind of investments are you willing to make right now with your time, energy, and money (money being a type of energy)?  Are you committed to fulfilling your Life’s Purpose?

We are here for you. 

If you have enjoyed what you’ve read here today, found something of value, or would like more information, please share or contact me today.


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