Where is Supermom?

For those who ask “Is it possible to be a Supermom these days?” It depends on what that means to you. If it means having and doing it all while never making mistakes and being multitasking machine that requires no maintenance …I think not. You will hit difficult times, you will make mistakes and you won’t be able to keep up with the demand of all your responsibilities if you don’t address these three things.

Here are my top three tips to becoming the Supermom you already are:

1) Find your why- This is some serious evaluation of why you are doing what you are doing. What kind of life do you want and why do you want it?  Get really clear on what you want and WHY do you want it.

2) Release Perfectionism- This is a BIG ONE. When we get caught in the trap of perfectionism we are not allowing ourselves to be authentic as we are. There are some steep expectations and judgments placed on ourselves. Any move you make feels shaky and scary. You are too attached to outcomes, rather than enjoying the journey of figuring it out. Mistakes seem like failures, and the cycle continues.

3) Find what works for you-Every one is different and every family is unique. Finding what works for you makes take some time and a lot of letting go of “shoulds” and comparison. STOP “shoulding” on yourself! You will know what is working for you when you are able to find time to take care of yourself without guilt, are you able to spend quality time with your kids without distraction, are you making your relationship connection a priority, and you are feeling really vibrant and good your body.

I have my coaching clients go through a set of specific exercises that get them super clear on these very things, so they can live their best life feeling less stressed and have vibrant health while doing it. This is why I do what I do. I have been there too…

I have pursued a full time career and been a stay at home mom. I have had mommy meltdowns that have been catalysts for change in my life. I have struggled with perfectionism, I have followed the cultural push to be employed at a well paying job,  I have guilted myself for not totally loving being a stay at home mom.  THANKFULLY I have found what works for me and doing what I love to do. This may not be the same for everyone but I know there are women who need this support and help figuring all this stuff out… and that does make you a normal human being which turns out is pretty super all on its own.

As a Health Coach and Family Health Specialist, I help moms and couples take control of their family’s health thus preventing chronic disease by ending the cycles of diets, doctors and depression so they have less stress and more freedom to live their best life.

For more on my health coaching services and booking a free discovery call, please email me at amanda@balancedbodyfromtabletomat.com

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