Hand Analysis Q&A: Right Ring Finger

Greetings, Sister Tribe!  Let’s pick up where we left off with my friend’s request for metaphysical advice in regard to her family’s hand traumas!  In the last post, I covered the left thumb; this time it’s all about the right ring finger.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the Q&A about the left thumb, click here:

As a quick reminder, I do not have the hand prints, so this examination will certainly be lacking some very important details to be able to give my friend, and any of you who may have been bitten, burned, broken or bruised upon your right ring fingers… but I will do my very best.  After all, we are talking about facing and resolving important feelings such as:

  • “Something is wrong”
  • Rollercoaster
  • Confusion
  • Seeking
  • Stuck
  • Desperate
  • Life is being wasted

I know we women have felt most, if not all, of these feelings from time to time.  My goal is to help all of us realize we are not alone in this crazy wonderful thing we call life.  There are answers for each of us, and pathways we can choose so we can feel like everything is right with our world; we are clear, content and committed… boldly moving forward now with a plan and a Purpose!  One of those pathways is Scientific Hand Analysis, so let’s get on to our lovely right ring fingers…

First, we’ll explore the meaning of the right ring finger via Scientific Hand Analysis, followed by the elemental sentience in Polarity Therapy.  Then we’ll weave it all together to create a vivid tapestry depicting what could be our inner worlds birthed into physical being. Next, I’ll share some Lifestyle Choices that will help us find clarity and healing.  Finally, I’ll share my insight on which herb (though there be many 😉 could support us ladies in strutting forward with power and wild ingenuity within ourselves, our families, and our purpose on the planet.

The right ring finger carries quite a bit of significance as it’s ranked up there with the mythological Greek God of Apollo!  Yowza!  Did you injure Apollo?!  As in my friend’s case, she was bitten… by what I do not know, but one thing I do know is that not only is Apollo super significant, the thing that bit her could also have a wise medicine message as well.  Animals and insects are medicine bearers and in this case, this particular medicine is for Apollo; the Apollo within. 

We all have inner archetypes, and Apollo is certainly one them… I can see in my mind’s eye a piece of me as Apollo… bitten!  How can we heal this part of ourselves? 

Since I cannot elaborate on the medicine bearer (biter) I will focus on the right ring finger. The four digits (Index, Middle, Ring, and Pinky) each have three zones and a mound.  These zones are correlated to 3 of the 7 major chakras.  Please note, I do not know which zone my friend got bitten, or if my friend has any gift markings in her Apollo mound or palm that would relate to Apollo.  Let’s just be clear that Apollo and any of the related gift markings are a BIG DEAL!  Correspondingly, I do not know my friend’s fingerprint profile which means I don’t know if her right Apollo is her Purpose, Lesson, or neither, nor do I know her Life School and how it interacts and informs her Apollo.  Gosh, that’s a lot I don’t know… fortunately for us, though, there’s plenty I do! 😉

 Apollo is a Greek God known for many things such as healing, music, art and poetry; a God of Light and Sun, son of Zeus.  In my palmistry realm, Apollo is Creativity in the Sun (or spotlight as my mentor teaches).  In my Polarity Therapy world, ring fingers are the Water element that are correlated with the astrological signs of Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces.  Apollo issues are about bringing our creative expressions out into the light for all the world to see. Can we handle that kind of vulnerability?  I feel like many of us women probably struggle with this for fear of rejection and ridicule… a rotten tomato slamming us straight in the face!  “Hmmm… maybe I’ll just hide out instead…”

 Fun fact, my mentor has a mentor and I’ll share the teaching that has been passed on now for “generations…”

“To be an artist is to spill your guts

on the canvas of your choice.”

–Baeth Davis (my mentor quoting her mentor 😉  

So where is your soul aching to get spilled? 

A)     Through a mother-child connection and all things nurturing and protective; unique all your own… out of the box compared to our society’s “normal”?  (I tend to lean indigenously  )

B)     Through adult sexual union and intimacy?

C)     Through a spiritual union of Oneness with the Divine?  

D)     All of the above?

Or perhaps your soul is aching for dance, writing, singing, drumming, chef-ing, organizing, lesson planning, event planning, painting, acting, healing arts, computer programming, filmmaking, stand-up comedy, architecture, design, woodworking, under-water-welding… shall I go on? 

Do you crave acknowledgment in your field or for your creative expression?  Do you “live for the applause” as Lady Gaga sings?  I LOVE that song because it’s SO honest!!  This is a HUGE topic for Apollo!  Unfortunately, our culture tends to speak ill of the “need for applause” as if it is purely egotistical and not at all soul-worthy.  But I say, as does Scientific Hand Analysis, it is absolutely some souls’ Life Purpose to receive center-stage-time, acknowledgment, appreciation, approval, and applause…  lot’s of it!  If we aren’t receiving recognition for our creative expression, we may often feel as if we don’t belong here or anywhere.  We may feel like we aren’t evolved or enlightened because we crave more… a bigger stage and a louder crowd acknowledging us for helping them in some meaningful way… this is soul satisfaction for Apollo!  Stop denying your Self!

Are you playing too small, or do you find yourself the opposite… overdramatizing and over exaggerating, effectively stealing someone else’s stage?  Is your creative flow blocked, or simply on the wrong stage?  It’s time to ask Inner Apollo what is needed at this time on our life’s journey?  Where does Apollo yearn to travel within the depths of our creative guts? What’s stopping us?

What could possibly shackle a god, even the son of Zeus!?  Surprisingly, even gods have blind spots.  One dampening obstacle Apollo faces, like Supergirl’s kryptonite, is the element of water… cloudy waters that could easily block out the Sun of Apollo. 

When I think water I think thunderstorms, floods and hurricanes!  (Or rehydrating with a gallon or so of pure H2O after two minutes outside in the Phoenix sun!)  But I digress… those are just examples of excess water.  Many of us women experience the pendulum swings of water simply because of our Moon times… our hormonal cycles can take us from too little to too much in a heartbeat!  Oh, how I cherish the “just right” moments…

Other water examples include descriptions such as:

  • Melting boundaries, making connections, circular, cyclic
  • Creation, desires, endless, energy, fertility, flowing
  • Fullness, merging, Moon
  • Round, rhythmic, smoothness, timeless

Metaphorically speaking, imagine the tapestry of our lives and emotions taking on these images… truly how our inner worlds of emotions take shape in our physical lives and bodies:

Too much water: white water rapids, tidal waves, tsunamis, hurricanes, and floods…

Too little water: dried up river beds, drought, deserts…

Sketchy waters: still or stagnant ponds, swamps, horror-movie-lakes!          

Life-Giving Waters: babbling brooks, gentle rains, lulling ocean waves, crystal mountain lakes, playful puddles…

Where do you experience yourself most often?  Which type of water is blocking your Inner Apollo from spilling your guts on the canvas of your choice?  Can you channel your water to aid Apollo’s creative expression?

Some of us sisters know exactly which waters are holding us back.  Others of us genuinely don’t have a clue what’s been buried in the subconscious, as was my case several years back.  My mom had died when I was 15 years old, very suddenly.  We were very close and I was inconsolably grief-stricken by her death.  However, due to reasons you can read about in my book here:

It was not safe for me to grieve.  Twenty-one years and many mile-stones later, Spirit revealed to me through recurring dreams that I had been carrying my mom around all that time and it was exhausting me (diagnosed severe adrenal exhaustion).  I felt deep mournful fear that if I put her down, she would leave me and never come back.  I followed my intuition and received a healing session through a trusted practitioner.  That evening I discovered quite shockingly which type of waters I had been carting around with me since I was 15 years old and releasing it was intense!  I no longer carry my mom around; we walk on our own two feet side by side… and we even hold hands from time to time.  I now know consciously and subconsciously that my mom will never leave me. 

Yet, I have found myself again at a place where I know I am carrying excess water, but I’m still unclear of it’s source… though I have some clues.  How about you, sisters?  How are your waters flowing (or not) and are they effecting your creative expression and bold honesty?  Are your feelings holding you back from fulfilling your Life’s Purpose to the max?  Is your Inner Apollo drowning, or suffering from severe dehydration?

Following, are some simple lifestyle choices to keep our waters flowing healthfully:

  1. Prayer & Meditation
  2. Movement; move our bodies!
  3. Clean Diet/Nutrition & Herbs
  4. Nature & Earthing
  5. Alternative Therapies/Self-Care
  6. Time Management
  7. Life Purpose (receiving mentoring and taking inspired action)

With some sly sleuthing, we can detect which of these lifestyle choices needs our immediate attention, and how our intuition guides us to heal our bitten (or otherwise injured) Inner Apollo.

For me, I feel drawn to prioritize a nourishing herb as part of my daily diet: Burdock Root.

AKA: Arctium lappa.  In “The Spirit of Herbs,” by Michael Tierra and Candis Cantin, burdock root is known as Moon in Cancer as well as the Four of Cups in the herbal tarot. Burdock root is known to help us reconnect with our inner selves so that we can feel connected to what’s happening in our outer worlds.  More so, Burdock nurtures our inner “Self” so that we can release stagnancy, anger, resentment, aggression, bias, excess ambition, discontentment with the Self and Life… assisting us to transform our perspectives into “seeing the true value in one’s life.”

I feel this is so important to me in my journey right now when I consider the lack of nurturing since my mom’s departure.  However, part of growing up in life is learning to mother ourselves, no matter if we still have a mother on Earth or if she is now in Spirit form.  It became apparent to me some years ago, after reading Susan Anderson’s “Taming the Outer Child” that I didn’t seem to have an adult-self, or at least not a very strong one! That was an awakening!!  I am currently exercising that muscle, so to speak, in many ways as seen in the above Lifestyle Choices listed… one of which is drinking nourishing herbal infusions every day.

On a physical note:

“Burdock is both an eliminating and restorative herb that helps us build strength and promote the body’s natural detoxification methods… a cooling herb that helps us to feel grounded and stable… Burdock is a grounding herb that strengthens the immune system, kidneys, and liver.  It’s especially useful for those dealing with skin problems, from blemishes to tumors.” 

–Rosalee De La Foret

I take burdock root as a nourishing herbal infusion as taught by Susun Weed.  I use 1 ounce of dried cut root to four cups/1quart of water.  I boil the water, remove from heat, stir in my herbs and cover, then let it steep (for 8 hours/overnight).  I strain it and drink it the next day. It’s a pre-biotic, meaning burdock is food for friendly flora, so it may cause some gas as intestines restore their health.  IF our bodies have excess water, we might find ourselves urinating A LOT… if not, then it won’t cause any extra unnecessary bathroom trips 😉

*Special note, I use a big Lodge pot that does not have a metal or Teflon/non-stick lining. However, it is preferable to use a glass quart/canning/mason jar.  Placing the ounce of herb in the jar, pour the just-boiled water over the herbs to the brim, stir a bit, screw on two-piece lid, let steep.

Other ways of using herbs to facilitate healthy water energy so that Apollo is uninhibited could include: amulets, talismans, medicine bags, flower essences, etc. 

Now that we know the ring finger is the Apollo archetype while also being the element of water, as well as how our inner worlds can show up in our lives and bodies… we also know how our lifestyle choices can help us course-correct as we move forward with moxie on Purpose!

May our Guidance lead us.  May we be boldly honest with ourselves and spill our guts on the canvas of our own choice… our inner goddess restored!

If you feel inspired to receive a full hand reading, coaching or a consultation… we are here for you!  Reach out to us today!

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