Reclaim Our Fertility! Part 1

Greetings, Sister Tribe!  Women’s health and fertility has been entering my field of awareness quite a bit these past couple months. 

“Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse (six months if the woman is over age 35) or the inability to carry a pregnancy to live birth.”

I want to be all soft and huggy… you know… the kind, sympathetic type of compassion… to nod my head in understanding while expressing my condolences, but the fact is… I’m not. Not in this case…  I’m fiery!

My compassion looks more like Kali Ma!  I summon my Inner Kali now to right the injustices and needless suffering women have endured for too long!!  This Hindu goddess is often referred to as Mother Kali or the Slayer of Demons.  Death in service to Life.  Death to the Ego so that we may truly live.  Kali is a fierce force for our good. 

I implore us all to now drop any preconceived notions of the Ego-mind that would cause disbelief of our own intrinsic power to heal naturally, just as Nature intended.

Women, Earth Goddesses, Sisters… we have an inherent birthright to pain-free Moon Cycles and, when desired, the power to give birth to healthy babies! 

I shout this phrase with a raised fist, glistening eyes, and an impassioned heart full of love

 …and deep grief.  

What on Earth has struck my fire and awakened my grief?  I am surrounded by women of all ages that are currently suffering from hormonal imbalances and infertility, with no knowledge or belief that there is HOPE.  And… this captivating T.V. show I’ve been watching on Hulu… “The Handmaid’s Tale.”

“The Handmaid’s Tale is a 1985 dystopian novel[2] by Canadian author Margaret Atwood.[3][4] Set in a near-future New England, in a totalitarian theocracy that has overthrown the United States government, the novel explores themes of women in subjugation and the various means by which they gain individualism and independence.” 

I’ve caught myself yelling at the T.V. and then lecturing my kids throughout the day about natural fertility (and freedom!)  …just horrified at the thought that simple, common sense wisdom could disappear from the world and we end up with an insane, baby-barren society such as this fictional Gilead!   

A delegate from another country, in this “speculative fiction“ television show, stated that where she was from, there had not been a live baby born in six years!  They were desperate for answers!!  They would literally DO ANYTHING, no matter how repulsive and wrong, to bring children into this world. 

Yet for some reason, not the government nor the scientists ever thought to ask the herbalists or naturopathic doctors how to fix this rampant condition… nor read the Pottenger Cat Study or The China Study, etc… it boggles my mind how the people of Gilead say they will “do anything” …except of course what’s simple, obvious and natural.  Instead they choose crazy, cruel, unnatural and inhumane lengthy schemes of corruption.  This “speculative fiction” is not entirely improbable…

If any of you, my dear sisters, are struggling with fertility issues, I beseech you to keep standing up for yourself and your body’s innate wisdom!  Let your Inner Kali rise up and slay your demons!  Your body has not betrayed you!  Although not ALL women can have children, I believe there’s always room for improvement just like my herbal mentor, Dr. Christopher, who’s motto was:

“There are no incurable diseases – only incurable people.”

He was referring to mindset (the Ego which Kali slays) and a commitment to healing one’s own body through adopting a healthy, non-mucus-forming-diet and lifestyle.

Currently the world’s population, as of May 2017, has approximately 7.5 billion humans.  In the United States, we have 326.5 million people… 10%, however, are estimated to be infertile. (See here on the Center for Disease Control website)

Umm… I’m no math expert, but that seems to suggest that 32.65 million people (in just the Unites States alone) are infertile!! 

Yeah… Kali is awake.  This is far too much pain and suffering, longing and confusion, grief and sorrow, despair and defeat, for me to sit quietly idly by…  My fellow sisters are hurting! I can help and so I do!

In “The Handmaid’s Tale,” it seems all the infertility is caused by the world’s “stupid” and careless pollution.  I agree with the author that pollution could cause much of the world’s infertility problems, but all over the world we have organic growers of healing foods and herbs to counteract the effects of pollution in our bodies; many families grow much of their own as well.  These fiction creators probably don’t know of such things, but in our real world we suffer with ignorance because of buried truths.

I did my herbalism studies through The School of Natural Healing.

Dr. John Raymond Christopher founded this school in 1953 after his many successful cases of “curing of the incurables” got him in too much trouble with the corrupt medical establishment dating back to the Flexner report in 1910 to the Carnegie Foundation.

This report is where, from my perspective, the meaning of the word “medicine” became too narrow-minded and our freedom of choice in ancient natural solutions became limited; where once curable human ailments became “incurable” simply because the path to wellness was buried in pursuit of pharmaceutical profits (which you can learn about here).

Infertility is almost always curable!  Not curable by me, or by doctors (not that we can’t be guides) but infertility is curable by embracing our oneness with nature  

Yeah, yeah, that might sound a bit “woo-woo” or “hippie-dippie” for some folks, I get it, but the truth is that human beings ARE nature.  The natural diet of humans left to their natural habitat and lifestyles (such as the indigenous sparsely existing throughout the planet today) consists of whole, natural foods as found in nature that has NOT been bombarded with chemicals from every direction, nor warped or de-natured into the items we Americans call “food” (but in fact our bodies do not recognize as food) which creates a natural inflammatory response… which creates dis-eases… including infertility.

OMG!  That sentence was LONG!  I’m so sorry, but I am REALLY passionate about this topic, and natural health in general.  I don’t know how it happened.  I wasn’t always this way.   I grew up quite conventionally entrusting my life to the wisdom of my parents, our family culture and society at large.  My maternal grandmother was not able to have children.  Along with her infertility, she had diabetes and severe arthritis from her 20’s on… she adopted my mom in the Fall of 1950 with the help of her mother and sisters (my grandmother was a young widow born in 1915, died 1987).  When I was 15 years old, my mom died under doctor’s care in the hospital (she was 38 years old).  My grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles, and many cousins died under doctor’s care.  Some were very young and others were, what I would say, pretty old.  Somewhere along the way, I began to question…

I grew up in the suburbs of San Francisco, 1970’s, in a little town on a little court with about 14 houses… 5 of the 12 girls on my street, so far as I know, are infertile. That’s 41.6%!!  I seem to have made up for the decline in fertility among women by giving birth to four of my own but really, this is heartbreaking to me!!  So far as I know, none of my childhood gal pals know they can most likely heal themselves naturally.  Our bodies are absolutely incredible, miraculously regenerating Intelligence when given the tools they need to do what they were created to do from the very beginning.  Well, that… and when we don’t self-sabotage our own reconstructions, which is mostly done UNknowingly!

There are things we do every day to CAUSE infertility, beyond pollution as in the case of “The Handmaid’s Tale.”  There are also things we do NOT do daily that causes infertility.  

Back to the indigenous… they eat all natural, fresh foods that they grow and prepare themselves.  In order for the indigenous to obtain food and water, they must exert themselves physically every day (what we non-indigenous might refer to as exercise).  They are also out in the sun, or under the moon and stars most of the time (without sunscreen) yet they don’t get skin cancer.  The indigenous typically don’t wear shoes, so their bare feet are in almost constant contact with the Earth via the soil beneath their feet or the bottoms of lakes and rivers.  They are highly social within their tribes and communities, you know, physically face to face with real eye contact and healthy touch… not via text messaging and social media.  They don’t face the real dangers of EMF poisoning that we do either.  They use food and herbs for healing, not drugs.  They are happy, healthy and fertile.

I know most of us don’t crave an indigenous life out in the wilderness devoid of electricity and indoor plumbing!! Haha!!  I love my t.p., too!  However, we can certainly bridge the gap between our worlds by integrating their natural ways into our bodies and lifestyles.

Who are the 7 BEST doctors?

  • Air (fresh and forest-y is my preference)earthing-adrenal-fatigue
  • Earth (
  • Sunlight (we don’t use conventional sunscreen, recipes to come…)
  • Water (without chlorine or fluoride, etc… you know, just pure clean water😃Diet (clean, unprocessed and mucus-less)
  • Exercises
  • Rest & Sleep


As we continuously work to integrate these beneficial lifestyle practices into our daily lives to support our feminine health and fertility, we can also add a super-hero type of power into our daily diets… nourishing herbs!  In future blogs, I’ll be sharing different cost-effective herbal preparations we can all create at home plus some free resources you can find online.

As a reminder and disclaimer, I am not a doctor.  I am a certified Nutritional Herbologist and health educator that’s been practicing living herbalism for 20 years, but more importantly, I am a woman that believes in the human body’s own innate ability to heal itself when given the right tools.  The body’s only job is to keep us alive and healthy!!  Just because a doctor says, “There’s no cure.”  …that does NOT mean there’s no cure… it simply means that doctor does not KNOW of a cure.  The “cure” is in your own body and the lifestyle you choose every day. 

I’ll give an inspiring story from Dr. Christopher’s clientele to bolster your faith and courage, calling on Kali to slay your demons in service to the life of your dreams… babies and all

Dr. Christopher had many successes helping couples conceive. One young married man came to see him about his wife, because he felt she was going to lose her mind. She wanted to have a baby so badly that she would hug her pillow at night. They had been married for some years without any success at conception. Dr. Christopher advised them to do the following: they should both begin to use the mucus-less diet. In addition, they were to take two tablespoons of wheat-germ oil three times a day (this contains natural vitamin E, among other constituents, which helps the reproductive system). They were to take two capsules three times daily of false unicorn and lobelia combination (these are herbs). If they were faithful with this program, the Doctor promised that they would conceive.
And they did! They brought the little baby in to see Dr. Christopher, and the new mother was absolutely glowing with health and joy at the baby in her arms. This couple had other children as well after following the simple herbal program.”

Read more about this here…

This is just one beautiful, simple example of healing.  There are many other uplifting stories of natural healing like this and additions we can integrate into our diets for our lifelong health and posterity. 

Until next time, Sister Tribe… May the herbs be with you!

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