Tower to Table

How does this sound? You’re making dinner and want a fresh salad…so you step out onto your porch or patio, harvest some home-grown organic veggies and greens, walk back inside and enjoy your yummy meal, from tower to table! This is just one reason we love our Tower Garden by Juice Plus. This baby is the future of urban gardening with vertical aeroponic technology and it’s as simple as assemble, plug in, and watch the magic grow. 

It uses 90% less water than traditional gardening, no soil, no weeding, and grows 30% faster and greater yields on average. With 20 spots to hold your favorite greens, herbs and veggies, its perfect for small spaces, a sunny balcony, patio, or even indoors with grow lights.

Its amazing how fast a seed grows into a seedling, then to a fully grown ready to eat plant. We are growing cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, spring lettuce mix, kale, basil, and chives. The great thing is, it can be used all year long. I just start a new crop of seedlings as the others become ready for harvest.

Its super easy to maintain. Fill the water reservoir and add the mineral blends, test the PH, and then enjoy! I like to check it daily for new growth and to check for pests. I don’t use any pesticides, a good rinse with the water hose every other day keeps it clean and washes the bugs away. The only pests I have seen are aphids on my tomato leaves and caterpillars on my kale, they love that stuff. So I just wash the aphids off with the hose or some soapy water and the caterpillars need to be removed as soon as they are noticed, just by clipping those eaten leaves. Everything else always looks great.

I have grown indoors also. The best plants for indoor growing is greens, herbs and 19398819_10155500802143278_2107796898_nlettuces. Other veggies will need more direct sunlight and pollinators to get to them.

We absolutely love our little garden! It connects us to our food, it teaches our daughter about where food comes from, it gives us organic home grown veggies, it’s fun to share and talk about with family and friends, and it is another way we can take more control of our food supply. If you would like some more info on the Tower Garden or want to place an order check it out HERE!




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