First Week of Summer…Beliefs and Intentions

I have arrived at my first stop on my summer journey Colorado Springs, CO. the place I was raised and helped mold me into who I am today.  I had been here not quite 24 hours with my Mom and Daughter, when I discovered something very interesting. Let me preface this blog with, My summer is a journey of Self Discovery and my goal is to assist others on their journey of self discovery.

My first revelation is, I need to set my intentions…

Colorado brings up lots of memories and emotions for me, not all bad or good, but memories that helped create who I am today, creating beliefs that I may or may not still hold. Beliefs are those thoughts and feelings that we learn, from those who have “authority” over us, whether our parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, church, the Government etc. We choose to take on those beliefs, until the time that they no longer feel right. I remember my dad always telling me, money doesn’t grow on trees, so I believed money was limited, as I have grown, I now believe that money is unlimited, in order, to receive it I must create a New Belief. I like to think of beliefs are like old worn out, holey jeans, that no longer fit, but we hold onto them because it’s comfortable. I think it’s time to let them go, and get a new pair of jeans. What do you think?

My #1 intention this summer, is LET THE PAST GO!!!

That’s such a cliché statement, but truthful.  Coming here to Colorado activates memories and events that invoke deep feeling and emotion, both pleasant and unpleasant. Speaking with someone who only knows you from past interactions, who has not seen the changes in you first hand, they may still have the belief that you are the same person you were 5-10-20-30 years before. Let me just say I am not who I was yesterday, let alone all those years ago.  Yes, I can sometimes go back to those behaviors, but I endeavor not too.

In letting the past go, here are a few more intentions I set when Letting Go….

  • I realize that people are not the same as they have always been. I release the expectation and become very clear that we have all changed and evolved. Beliefs have changed, behaviors have changed and new characteristics have emerged. This is growth.
  • I let others off the hook. Let them be who they are. If those people are still in my life, it’s because I have allowed them to be.  I have chosen them to still impact my life. I let the burden or impact they have had on my life go as it no longer serves any purpose.
  • I accept others for who they are today. I want them to acknowledge me for who I am, I allow them the same. My grudges or hurt feelings for what was done in the past, cannot be changed.  If they are not “one” of my people any longer I will let them go. I can’t change what happened. I will make amends if I feel led and move on.

I no longer choose to live in the past based on bad memories and events. I choose to live in the present making memories for the future.

I can’t say that sometimes, something will come up, and I end up back in the same reaction or feelings from the past, but I can tell I have grown, by the length of time I stay in that thought process.

Do you have any old holey ill-fitting jeans you no longer need?

Are you ready to let them go?

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