Living Against the Grain

Nine years ago, my girls were only 3 and 5 filled with excitement and love as they awaited their first kitten. The biggest decision in adopting this new member of our family was, do you want one with a tail or no tail? Of course, the girls excitedly said “no tail!” The day I brought her home the girls were filled with excitement because she was going to be small, fluffy, and without a tail – FOR EVER! Here we were at introduction and our youngest, Celdyn, picked her up so carefully and looked into this furry new friends eyes and said “Hi Sally!” From that most adorable moment on, the kitty was known as Sally. This is the story of Sally.

Sally came from the country. Her mama was a Siamese and the veterinarian believes there were possibly two “donors” to creating this beautiful creature; a minx and tabby. That was new news to me – many males can be a part of this kitten procreation process! Sally takes after her mother being very vocal, unpredictable, and slightly on edge. My poor husband and she never saw eye to eye. Danny is a softy and would try daily to reach her, but it would end up with him calling her something nasty. Sally was a bully, black sheep, rebel without a cause in our household. I would sit with her and comfort her as long as she would allow me to, but it always ended with a bite or punch. Celdyn was the only one who could pick her up at any time, talk with her, and they would just melt together. Celdyn and Sally were two peas in a pod with one very special relationship. Sally, then was a complicated cat.

At that point in our lives, we had 2 other cats. Crazy enough, we grew with time with adding 1 animal about every 18 months. These additional rescues were the all the sweetest dogs ever. The humans, cats, and dogs had a difference of opinion on who was sweet so they never mingled. We are flexible humans; dogs having the house and backyard and cats having free reign of the great outdoors. My husband is a huge softy, so he made sure they had comfy beds, a place to escape the SC heat or the freezing cold. They LOVED it! Freedom was felt and all 3 cats enjoyed it. Sally was the happiest we had ever seen her, but she was still not fully content – bitchy, depressed, angry. The girls and I would love on her until she went bat shit crazy and purely needed space.

In November of 2015, we moved out of our neighborhood and into the country. Let me clarify, we relocated ourselves into the forest and only 2 miles away from where Sally was born. Our little 12 acre slice of heaven. If you have done the math, our household has grown to 4 rescue dogs and 2 cats. Rest in peace Tabby boy, our 1st fur baby. Our home has the perfect space for all the family; dogs have inside and fenced in backyard and the cats have absolute freedom on a screened in porch and endless possibilities in the forest. The porch consists of their cozy beds, food and water. It is always open to the amazing opportunities of exploring, observing, and endless naps underneath the forest landscape.

Then it happened – like a light switch, Sally’s demeanor totally changed. Our first weekend, we began a new tradition. All four of us humans, would gather on the porch, take refuge in a rocking chair, drinking a beverage of choice, and just soaking in our new surroundings. Sally came over to Danny, meowed and jumped into his lap. It was hilarious! Danny didn’t know what to do in slight fear that this cat was going to scar him for life. Sally started burying her head in his chest, circling in his lap, and as soon as Danny touched her…the PURRING! OMG it was incredible! We were all wide eyed in amazement, awing at how beautiful this moment was, and the drool – holy crap she was drooling! In that moment, I concluded she knew Danny was responsible for bringing her home.

Up until now, she had been living physically where it caused her pain, discomfort, an unease that no one could understand.

She was living against her grain.

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