Why Diets Alone Don’t Work!

Diets are everywhere I look these days (which is nothing new) and it seems like more than ever companies are trying to get sell weight loss through the fad diet of the moment or a magic pill. These efforts may work short term, but do not offer long lasting change and certainly do not address the core issues at play. Fat loss and having a ripped body, does not equal total body health. We can achieve a certain level of weight loss and still have the inside of the body in shambles. Not just physically but also emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

This vlog goes a few layers deep into the root of our self disconnect and I want everyone to know why they are spinning their wheels trying to lose weight or get healthy. Why settle for duck tape on a leaky pipe, when the pipe needs a core repair? This is about a true lifestyle change not just a temporary fix. This is about self worth and connection. When we address that, the other stuff falls into place.

Why is this so important?

Why would we want to address the internal “core repair” issues…because maintaining your health is the foundation of going for the career you want, being the parent, partner and friend you desire to be, which allows you to live your life with full participation! 

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