Overcoming Limiting Beliefs-Steps to Conquering Fear Part 1

I have been really blessed with all of the great things I have gotten to experience this summer.  This Journey has made me aware of thoughts and fears that I really had no idea of where they come from or why they are still there. When you do something that is “Not normal, unconventional, stupid, or just plain crazy” in other people’s opinion, how do you react?

I have known all along, that going to Colorado for the summer, was a huge leap of faith. I don’t have a paying job, I am limited on money and I “should” be looking for a J.O.B. so that everyone else will feel ok.  That’s not what I wanted. I continued to push and strive for MY ideal summer. I have taken risks, I would have never in a million years thought would be a good idea.  I am grateful that I did.

I was speaking to my Mom recently and she had stated that a few people had asked her, why I don’t just get a job and do that until it’s time to retire It’s only another 20 years.  I just shook my head, as I realized that this was the beliefs of another generation. This was what our parents had taught us to do.  Go to work, get a job, retire and die.  I’m sorry that does not sound like a fun life to me.  Those beliefs go against who I am today. I want more from life than making someone else rich. This shows you how other people and their beliefs can impact our lives if we believe what they say.  Since these beliefs no longer resonate with me, I can let them go.

What happens though when, you are holding onto a belief that blocks you from doing that THING you want to do.  For example, you want to go to the big city to attend school and become an attorney…but your family dynamic says You can’t do that.

“Who will take care of me?”

“No one in our family has ever left this town you can’t go now.”

How would this make you feel if those beliefs from your family, although strong, no longer feels right for you?

Is your desire to do that “thing” strong enough to eliminate that limiting belief, and allow you to create a new belief that will help You to overcome the Fears and do what you dream of?

Fear is directly related to the limiting beliefs that we carry.  Those fears are what limit us from becoming who we want to be.@SelfDiscoveryGuide

Something to think about this week…

What is your root fear?

In this example- PUBLIC SPEAKING is the fear. (I can identify, completely with this example from Impact Training & Development Services.)

*But, what I am afraid of really, is….?

Ex:    Failing…If I speak in front of others, and don’t do well, I will be so embarrassed.

Being judged…If I speak in public, will I sound stupid, and will they think I am uneducated?

Expressing my true feelings…If I am honest and speak my truth, will people still like me afterwards?

 This week I encourage you to review those limiting beliefs and fears, identify them and see if you can dig a little deeper. I don’t believe it’s the act of speaking in public that causes the fear, it’s the limiting beliefs, that are holding us back.

Have a blessed week, and continue to identify the things you do or don’t do, that no longer resonates with YOUR belief system.

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