What’s This In My Hands?

Greetings, Sister Tribe! 

Have you ever observed with delight the open fascination a baby experiences as she begins to examine her hands for the first time?  She is so curious and explorative as she realizes she controls these wordless things that move and feel, she can make things happen with her hands!  I remember watching my grandson just last year come into this new awareness… isn’t it amazing that babies have no words, only feelings, and through following their feelings they learn?

And isn’t is also amazing that although our hands have no words, they are full of symbols that correlate directly to our feelings, our repetitive patterns, our deepest subconscious beliefs and behaviors, our successes and failures, our gifts and our wildest dreams? 

We were born with a soul-map full of symbols right in our very own hands to help us navigate the diverse terrains of our inner and outer lives in the most direct, meaningful way possible to fulfill our Life’s Purpose. 

Like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz, we’ve always had the power to “get home,” (feel at home in our bodies and Purpose in life).  However, if Dorothy had been told from the very beginning, she would not have believed it.  She had to learn for herself what power within she possessed through the desires of her true heart.

We, too, have had to learn for ourselves.  We were born with the power and soul-map, but we have had to learn many things before arriving at this point in our lives to be ready to hear that the answers to the questions we’ve been living, have been with us all along, held like a precious gift in our hands waiting for the right moment to be revealed to us. 

Not everybody is ready. 

I mean, let’s think about this:

Once our Life Purpose is discovered, the call to fulfill it becomes intensified, but only a rare few are able to take massive action forward without consistent mentorship and success accountability… and not everyone is ready for that type of all-in commitment!

How would you feel if your eyes were opened to a path of even greater success while still honoring your soul? …but you did nothing about it?

What if you found a way to make your work and relationships more harmonious and meaningful?  …but instead, you ignored the insight found in your hands and remained stuck in your Student Path pattern?

What if a hand reading could give you such clarity that your productivity goes up, you get laser-focused, your motivation blows off the roof, and you truly get the direction, joy and purpose you’ve been craving?  Ooorrr… oops, pattern loops… stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

If your “Check-Engine” light blinks on, do you ignore it?  Or do you get some help?

A full hand reading is NOT for the simply curious. 

I realize it may take a couple weeks to really digest how magnificent you are after your full-out Life Purpose Discovery Session… but if you Sisters truly have the desire to serve humanity in your own spirit-driven way, that takes commitment, determination and resourcefulness. 

So, for those just looking for a quick answer to their Purpose or their problems, without any real intent to integrate the information into their body, Be-ing and life, then hand analysis is not the right choice, for now.  Like Dorothy, we have to learn for ourselves until we’re really ready to come home to ourselves.  I completely honor and trust each of our inner guidance system’s Divine timing.

Hand analysis is for those who are absolutely ready to come home to themselves, step-up to their greatness, and serve humanity with everything they’ve got. 

Can Scientific Hand Analysis predict our future? No. No, it cannot.  

But according to an interview of one of my teachers in Forbes, Scientific Hand Analysis

“is a field of study that is growing in use and regard by therapists, counselors and even neurologists and geneticists.”

The lines in our hands are a physical representation of the major neural pathways in our brains!  And it absolutely CAN speak to your pure potential!

  • Are you feeling the need for some insights to your emotional health, your Life’s Purpose that keeps calling to you but remains elusive, your outlook on life, and your tendencies and repeating patterns? 
  • Are you searching for a deeper sense of fulfillment in your career or personal life?

Maybe you’re someone who’s always wanted to write that book, but keeps asking yourself, “Who am I to write a book?”  Well, Sisters, your hands just might validate that secret desire you hold close to your heart.  I know mine sure did!

I believe we are all hard-wired for a greater purpose.  We feel it pulling us. We hear it calling to us… will you answer?  Or are you going to just keep playing tug-o-war with the Universe?

Scientific Hand Analysis is based on the scientific method of repeatable, reliable, accurate results of 40 years of research combined with ancient palmistry information. Our fingerprint profile developed in utero; I personally believe our soul energy created the patterns we find in our individual hands (and our lives) to provide us a soul-map that simply needs to be translated for Life Purpose fulfillment.

Forbes writes:

“Here are the benefits hand analysis can provide to an entrepreneur or business:

  • Insights learned can make leaders more effective
  • Analysis can produce stronger performance and profitability
  • Higher retention
  • Improved job satisfaction and morale, due to working “on purpose”
  • Greater teamwork performance, productivity and alliance
  • Increased creativity and innovation”

Here’s what I know: the people that typically find me feel like they’re on the edge of a thousand-foot cliff; and those people are usually spiritual leaders, healers, intuitive teachers, authors and speakers that have shoved parts of themselves, the most precious, vulnerable sacred parts of themselves, into a treasure chest chained up at the bottom of the ocean.  They genuinely feel like they were born to do something more, something bigger in this life than what’s happening now, but for some reason (typically found in their hands) they’re not moving in that bigger direction. 

No amount of financial success will satisfy the lost soul if they aren’t doing their “right work.”  Right pay for wrong work, doesn’t feel good.  Wrong pay for right work, doesn’t feel good.

Right pay for right work, now that is Divine and feels yummy!

Which experience are you having?  Yum or yuck?

Is hand analysis right for you? 

Perhaps now is the time to trust your wordless feelings like an ever-persistently-learning baby, and trust your power like Dorothy.  Sure, we all stumble and fall, but just like that baby… we keep getting up!  That inborn drive to persist and learn is in our bones!

Trust that your heart full of love, compassion and conviction, like Dorothy, can not only guide, but fuel your determination, commitment and resourcefulness to serve humanity by discovering and fulfilling your Life’s Purpose.

Trust your gut, Sisters! 

Are you ready?

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