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I am writing this post because thanks to Facebook, my memories showed me something I posted two years ago that still resonates with me today.  The post accompanied this picture below…


I believe in our world, in all the LOVE it contains, all the goodness people do have within them.  However, I do see just the opposite too.  I refuse to watch the news, but occasionally its images still find a way to creep in to my space, revealing all emotions associated with fear.  You see, all those people have a story from their past.  You have a story from your past, and it matters.

Your story matters.

It matters because it is what has created your perceptions of self, others and of the world.  Your story matters because it dictates your current response system to situations you find yourself in every day.  When you recognize that your story matters, you become more conscious about your perceptions and your reactions.  You begin to understand yourself on a deeper level, and you begin to understand that others have their own stories and their own perceptions too.

Below is my Facebook post from 2015~

This arena is such a spider web of connections that no matter what is said, if it can positively affect just one person then its all worth it. I have so many emotions going on over the past week, and I tell myself that just as the many “ups” I feel, I can make room for the “downs” too because that is what this thing called life is… ebbs & flows.
I am so open in mind heart and spirit that the signs are EVERYWHERE!
Literally…Which is an amazing experience to “see”. So when I feel the “downs” creeping their way in, I pause and then accept. I know they won’t last long. So I take this as an opportunity to learn from these creeping feelings.
Why are they here?
What should I be looking within to find?
Understand that the energy is what it is right now, that I am sensitive to it, and that it is ok to feel ALL the things I feel. I don’t reject any of what comes forth. In fact, I allow the light to beam in on these lower feelings I have so that I CAN actually learn from them.
A few weeks back I met with a Shamanic healer who told me “Our first sacred wound is our purpose”. I share this with you because her words and insights are helping me even more on this journey I am taking, and I hope to spread what I learn with others. Many discussions have taken place this week that have deepened my understanding of my past and where I am going. I know who I want to help and how I want to help, and what I have in my collection of life experiences to help others get through theirs.
I am still learning. In fact, I will always be a student. We all are. Always. A student.
The biggest gift we can give to the world is to be authentically ourself. No pretending to be someone else. It is the accumulation of all our experiences that will call on us to help others and/or make a difference in just one person’s life.
I’m not a poser in my life anymore. I’m not pretending to be someone I’m not, or hiding who I truly am. The party girl has faded as a very distant memory and the student has awakened.
I choose to listen to my Divine Compass. I am guided to those who can help me grow. Those who I can help are guided to me. Those I can not reach simply fall away gracefully.
All is good in life, and perceptions are the glasses we look through to choose how we see ourselves, others and the world. 

Your story matters.  Your past matters.  You may not love it, but its contribution made you who you are today.  Be conscious that others have their own story and their own past life experiences that contribute to who they are, (even when they are not conscious of yours).  Their fears and their past experiences, just like yours, create perceptions of life.

So the next time you are in the line of a grumpy person with poor customer service, remember they have a story too.  Make the choice to not resonate with their energy, but to assist them in rising up to yours.

Lastly, bear in mind that your story IS in the past, and that every day you have the opportunity to write a new story of your life… that matters!

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