It is exciting to begin something new. Think about any new romantic relationship: the butterflies every time you get together, long hours on the phone, and exploring areas in your life that on any ordinary day you would run. Because of this new relationship, you don’t pay too much attention to the fear that lies beneath. This dance happens over and over in our life time. Your yoga practice is one of them.

As you begin a practice, you may experience anxiety, fear, and maybe even second guess whether this decision is the right decision. Hang in there – it is totally worth it. Yes the chemistry needs to be there between you, the teacher, and the community; however, you need space and time to BE with those around you to feel if it is a good fit. SO many yoga teachers and studios now offer a new student pass. Why? Because they realize this relationship won’t always happen in one 60 minute class. Give yourself time to BE with your surroundings.

You find home with a space, teacher, and community. You look forward to getting on your mat, sitting next to certain individuals, waiting in anticipation for where the teacher takes you. It is magical and you don’t really know why, but you leave just feeling different. Some days you leave class feeling lighter in the mind, stronger in the body, or even more space to breathe…the experience is just beautiful. With this new relationship things begin to shift in your life. Maybe you see experiences more clearly, your body feels freer, and you recognize you are not the same.

Then life throws you a fast ball, curve ball, it’s just a sucky ball, and you begin to miss practice because you have to take care of this situation. These curve balls could be holidays, vacations, summer, and family obligations. The situation is anything that makes you feel uncomfortable, guilty, or pressed for time to do the practice. You begin to shift your life to take care of said situation. The sleepless nights begin, mood swings slowly creep in, eating habits go to shit, and you totally realize it, BUT you don’t adjust to make room for this new relationship that provided you SO much.

No worries – you are not alone. When things are good, it is very easy to stay steady doing the things that are keeping us “good”. I say stay steady in what you are doing to see more clearly. Within the clutter of the situation, feel stronger in body, and create space for you to breathe. Feel exactly what is in front of you. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all did what makes us healthy – body, mind, and spirit – so that we see, feel, and react from the heart? Allow your Yo-mance to be a life-long relationship!

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