Nahkila Isha

Greetings Magnificent Ray of Light,

I am Nahkila Isha’ and I’m so excited you’re here!

First of all, let me say- Nothing happens by chance, everything happens according to Divine timing. With that being said, you’re here reading this because your Soul called for a solution and The Universe answered.

I have faced many challenges in my life… my parents divorced when I was three, resulting in me dealing with major abandonment issues… my step father abused me severely growing up- resulting in me running away and being on my own since I was 16… my first love and oldest son’s father was abusive and a habitual cheater… my first marriage was void of love… this list can go on forever, but I’m sure you get the picture- My childhood and early adult life wasn’t peaches and cream.

The point is, we all have a story to tell, but our story doesn’t define us and it doesn’t have power over the life we’re capable of creating.

In December 2011 I went through a divorce and chose to leave my ex-husband everything he and I built during our 14 year marriage. My desire was to keep things as peaceful as possible for the sake of our children. (It didn’t) I was injured at work shortly after in 2012. This injury required me to have cervical disc replacement and rotator cuff surgery. I gained over 70 pounds, was diagnosed with depression due to chronic pain, and financially I was in a bind. My life was darker than it had been in a very long time.

I felt dead inside. I was hurting physically, but the emotional pain I felt was worse. I became a recluse because I was ashamed of how I looked. I used food as an attempt to numb my physical and emotional pain, but all it did was reflect outwardly what I felt within.

I’m sure you’re now wondering how I got here…. telling you my story and living my Soul’s purpose.

In the midst my misery, I knew there was more to life than what I had experienced. I began to question The Divine. I’d ask all the time, “what is my purpose?”

One day, while meditating (which was something I started doing again in an attempt to gain control of my life) I heard “life coaching”.

Although I was meditating on something other than my purpose, I knew The Divine had answered the question I’d been asking.

Without hesitation, I searched for schools and ultimately decided to attend Bennett Stellar University.

I graduated and became a certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner, Time Line Life Regression Specialist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, and Reiki Practitioner.

I continued my studies with Maha Methods and became a Reiki Master Practitioner.

So Who is Nahkila Isha’ and what does she do?

I AM a Divine Interpreter- specializing in Trauma Release, Hypnotherapy, Reiki, Oracle Readings, Energy Healing, Spiritual Awakening, Manifestation, and Life Regression.

I assist you with remembering who you were before the world taught you who you ‘should’ be.

This is important because so many people are stuck in a chaotic life cycle, living a life that doesn’t feel good to their Soul. Living this way lowers your vibration, keeps you from being in alignment with your deepest desires, and prevents you from tapping into and utilizing your Divine gifts.

Chaotic life cycles may appear as childhood and or past life traumas that keep your current life in a choke hold- unable to breath, you feel hopeless, powerless, and stuck.

(I can relate because I was stuck in this cycle for years)

Chaotic life cycles can also appear as beliefs others placed on you that steal your happiness and peace because instead of doing what feels good to you, you do what’s expected of you.

My Soul’s calling is to provide you with healing remedies so you can release your pain, remember who you are as a Spiritual Being, and live blissfully from your Soul- powerfully manifesting the life of your dreams!

I’m looking forward to connecting with you.

From my Soul to yours,

Nahkila Isha
Divine Interpreter
Specializing in Trauma Release
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