This letter is to all women, no matter your color, religion, or political views 

First I have to preface this blog post with these facts.

  1. I do not have the answers.
  2. I do not have the woman power alone to make these changes.
  3. I encourage you to share ideas on how we can be a force together to combat these horrific truths.

Let’s begin…

I just finished reading a blog post on another website that has encouraged me to step up to the plate as a spiritual white woman.  I was guided to this particular blog post through Facebook.  When I finished reading this extremely enlightening post, I shared it on social media and my immediate thought was, “how many people will like it?”  You see, this particular blog post I read called me out on how I have been living my life as a white woman.  Ordinarily, I myself may not like/love a social media post like this because I don’t want to identify with anything racial, no matter which side the pendulum is swinging.

I have lived my life believing that if I am kind and loving to all people, then I am doing my part in the world of spreading love and light.  And though I still find this to be true, what I have now been challenged with is to do more than just live in my bubble with this mentality.  There are particular words I can not even say (or type) because of the disgust I feel when I just hear them.  This does not mean these words do not exist.  By not saying (or typing) these particular words does not negate the pain associated with them and the anguish they have brought to others.

My bubble consists of no news, no politics, and to only see the bright side of life.  I have believed for a very long time that what we focus on creates our reality, so my thoughts and surroundings have maintained a generalized “happy vision of life”.  The problem with this is, we human beings do not live in a utopia.  There is still suffering in the world, and just because I choose to focus on peace and love, unfortunately does not take away this suffering others experience every day.

Lets start with this…

How many of you are aware of all the environmental issues our planet is suffering from, and are doing something more than just recycling?  The environmental issues go way back and are deep.  Its a snowball effect.  “They” continue poisoning our planet and we continue buying into the system doing so.  WE have created the monster because we refuse to change our ways of living (or do change with only minor solutions).

Environmental issues are killing us literally, and we turn our cheek because we are ill- illusioned by the idea thats it not directly affecting us. Yet we parade around at Cancer walks and ask why they haven’t found a cure yet.

Only when we are directly affected by some chronic disease, like cancer, will we look for answers and solutions, and half the time those affected do not even do that.  They leave their health in the hands of others to heal, not taking personal responsibility.  And the planet and her ill health?  Somehow many people have a belief we own this planet and though human existence requires her health and habitability, she is a distant concern, if a concern at all.

Just because we may not be able to personally relate or willing to “see” what is happening, does not take away the pain others are experiencing.

We must support each other and our planet.

Or how about this…

How many of you know that young girls and boys, and women are sold into sex trafficking (slavery) every day?  Aren’t you outraged by this?  I know I am, but I have not specifically done anything about this.  I have not contributed any time or effort into fighting against this for the sake of aiding others.  Have you?  Yet when our children go missing or a woman is raped, we say that we are blessed that it didn’t happen to us.  How distorted is this faith and belief system?

Many of us women haven’t done anything to combat this plague found in these sick men who feel they have a right to take a child or woman’s life away from them and use their body for their own disgusting satisfaction. We throw our arms up in the air and say “what am I to do”?  Unless we are directly affected by rape or a missing child, we turn the cheek and feel we are just one person that can’t change the world.  But isn’t it fair to believe that these people trapped in sex trafficking need ALL of us to contribute our assistance and rescue?

Just because we may not be able to personally relate or willing to “see” what is happening, does not take away the pain others are experiencing.

We must protect each other.

Leading into this…

Back to the blog post I read that challenged me to step up to the plate as a spiritual white woman with a platform.  With agony I will type these words… White Supremacy.  This is what this woman’s blog post is about.  My agony over typing those words are literally nothing compared to the feelings and tragedy experienced by people of color.

Another snowball effect.   White privilege has without a doubt damaged the entire human species.  Is the damage beyond repair?  This depends on who you ask.  Ask a white person who believes they are not racist and the answer may be something along the lines of, “let’s all just get along and leave the past in the past”.  Ask a person of color or any nationality other than white, and I’m certain they will have a different answer.

When someone is raped for decades and the perpetrator then decides to apologize by saying sorry, does that erase all the torment, distress and mind-body-spirit damage for the victim?  What would the perpetrator have to do to help the victim “get over” this damage?

The reason I use rape as an example is because those of us that are white can never understand what people of color experience in a white privileged world.  As women though, we can however attempt to understand rape because as women we all have experienced older men looking at us as pre-teen & teenage girls, and the feeling that something is not right.  We’ve experienced the cat calls while running our dogs, and the nervousness when walking to our cars alone at night.  We can put ourselves in another women’s shoes and attempt to understand her suffering from rape.

We can never put ourselves in the shoes of another ethnicity, if we are white.

So, there I was living in my bubble of love and light and I begin to read on social media of the white supremacists in Charlottesville, VA.  As a woman, can you imagine crowds of men lining up together demanding your body be theirs??  Can you imagine the terror that would echo in your body and your soul?  Well, I believe people of color can imagine it, because they live with it daily.

So to address the blog post I read that encouraged me to rise up and step up to the plate as a spiritual white woman, what can I do?  

I don’t have all those answers yet.  But I know I can take a stand against this human rights injustice.  I can change.  I can wipe away the fog in my bubble and begin to see through a more clear lense.  I am growing this platform of women of all ethnicities to start sharing their points of view here on My Divine Compass blog.  I can use this blog platform to empower other women to share their life experiences, their issues, and their sufferings with everyone for the enlightenment of the human species as a whole.

I am only one woman, but I am locking arms with ALL women for the protection and support of all.  The human race is commanding us to rise up together and take a firm stand.  Complacency is no longer an option.  Will you join us?

Click HERE to read the blog post that inspired me to write this, feel this, cry and decide its time to get active.

Love and Light to all of us..Copy of Copy of Happy Notes

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