Meal Prep Sunday: the key to healthy eating success throughout the week

We are all busy these days, work, school, deadlines, activities, and life gets in the way of us taking time to manage it all. I have found that a little bit of time, once a week, can greatly impact how you eat through the week. We want to set ourselves up for success. Taking care of your body is a priority but only if you see it as one. You may have the best intentions to “eat healthy” but without a plan and some preparation that can quickly become a problem. Eating out of convenience and sheer lack of time or cooking knowledge, is starting to show in the fabric of our society. Let make this super clear and easy.
Meal Prep Sunday is the answer.

Take 30 minutes on a Sunday, before you grocery shop to organize a simple menu for the week. Even by planning and prepping for Monday-Friday will save you time, energy and money in the long run. By simply adopting this healthy habit, you will be doing your self and your family a huge favor. Meal time will be stress free and under 30 minutes. You will know exactly what you plan to make with out having to run for the fast food drive though or do las minute grocery shopping during 5:00 traffic.
So lets do it!
Here is my secret menu planning and prepping formula:
Pinterest, Planning, Protein.
Pinterest- for inspiration and brainstorming. Make board with your ideas.
Planning- Write down your ideas, simplify them, organize them into a menu . This is the pen to paper moment, just make it happen!
Protein- Plan around protein, design your meals around what protein you want to use or you have on hand. This can keep your menu easy, simple and quick. You can also meal prep on Sundays and by cutting out the bulk of your cooking time through the week by prepping your proteins on Sunday. for example, baking chicken, crockpot shredded beef or pork, patty out your burgers, cook some ground turkey with simple seasoning for a quick soup or chili in the week.
I hope you enjoy these tips and add Meal Prep Sunday to your weekend plans, its well worth the time and energy. Again, healthy living must be made a priority for you to see any results. Put those wants into action, and see for yourself!
If this seems overwhelming to you, help is not far away. Together we can figure out a plan that works best for you and your family. 
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