Create Peace & Spiritual Protection Through A Morning Ritual

Greetings Magnificent Ray of Light!

Are you opening yourself up each day to Divine Light through your morning ritual?

The way you start your day has a strong influence on what you’ll experience throughout your day.

The benefits of a morning ritual is immeasurable so I’ll share my morning ritual with you to get you started!

The first thing I do when I wake up is show gratitude for waking up and for my awakening. 

When I get out of bed, I smudge myself and my space. I make sure to start with the bottom of my feet, moving up to my root chakra, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye, my ear chakras, (which is something that most people ignore because they aren’t aware they exist), and my crown chakra.

The importance of moving the energy up is to ensure that my mood is up. By taking energy down we bring our mood down.

I rotate the sage in the direction my chakras spin in front of each individual chakra and I say the following out loud:

Heart Chakra- “so I may feel the messages from The Divine”

Throat Chakra- “so I may speak the messages from The Divine”

Ear Chakra (located near each temple)- “so I may hear the messages from The Divine”

Third Eye Chakra- “so I may see the messages from The Divine”

Crown Chakra- “so I may be one with the Divine”

I end my smudging with “And so it is”

What is smudging?

Smudging is when you light sage and use the smoke to cleanse yourself, your space, or objects.

*You can also use Palos Santos and other herbs to smudge, but sage is most common.

I then create an energetic sphere to protect me from unwanted energy.

To do this, I stand in the power pose, like I’m about to do a jumping jack, and move my arms from my sides up over my head, then I clap my hands when they meet above my head.

(Literally a jumping jack without the jumping!)

Next, I encase myself in a reflective bubble and say out loud 3 times

“whatever comes to me that isn’t of highest light and love, may it return to sender or wherever it needs to go for cleansing.”

I end this with “and so it is”

I state my declarations in the mirror. (Each one begins with “I AM” because anything that follows, the subconscious mind believes to be true)

I activate my Reiki symbols and do a brief chi gong exercise.

In closing, I meditate and chant for 45 minutes.

I’m currently working with Ganesh, the remover of obstacles.
The chant I say is “Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha”
I say this while focusing on the center of my base yantra.

Then I’m good to go!

Share in the comments what you do each morning to create peace and Spiritual protection in your life.

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