Go Freaking Fund Me

We are of the age of Go Fund Me’s. An era of entitled beings and not just the millennial’s either. Let’s face it with social media at our finger tips, easy applications to reach 1000’s of people, and with a great story… I bet someone will offer me $5-50 for my well-intended future. That charitable cause or start-up will benefit YOU – in the end, I am serving you, my friend, family, student, and strangers… you will all benefit from this cause. I am sure in some cases, it would.

Now before I piss everyone off, I believe fund raising has a perfect place for those inconceivable moments like illness, death, disasters, or extreme poverty. 

I have contributed to many friends, family members, and even strangers who were in dire need of financial assistance. I am not speaking of those misfortunate and deeply needed fundraisers. It is to those other campaigns that I speak of. I will probably raise your blood pressure and for that, well I am not sorry.

I really don’t get it and it pisses me off. What happened to working hard to reach our goals and dreams? Are we just that f*cking lazy? I realize and know there are more individuals like myself that plan, save, and slowly get closer and closer to getting that car, pool, vacation, education, etc. I am working on 2 of those goals right now. Has it become the norm to just ask our peers for the money than to really “earn” what it is that we would like to manifest?

Maybe it is my pride that I just don’t get it. I had my 1st job at 14 washing dishes. From that point on, I purchased all my clothes… am I bitter at my mom for it? Absolutely not – my now 14 year old daughter has a job and just bought all of her clothes for school. She was elated! It was her hard, earned money that determined what purchases she made. My daughter no longer has to navigate around the budget that I allow her to have. Call me crazy, but I think my mom taught me what value is! My kids have a different quality or vibration when they buy things with their own hard, earned money – I am not talking Birthday or Christmas cash they get as gifts. That pair of shoes they purchased from earning $30 from staining the porches – It’s like they were made of gold! No Go Fund Me or Kick Starter can teach that or give you that feeling of awesome!

What I have witnessed some of these fund raiser’s do, is create selfish service – I did not say “selfless service”. It can create huge crazy egos. Think about it – to have friends, family, and even strangers pour into your cause can make you feel pretty worthy. I got this – they believe in me – this is totally going to work out. In some cases, I am sure you are worth of every cent and it does work out for everyone. However when it is handed to you, is there a space of entitlement? If you want to get somewhere, do something, create that business, go on that trip…then do the work. It will only give you that amazing sense of “I made this happen”. It will drive you to continue to do the work.

To those of us who have sponsored or offered funds to these individuals – you are amazing! If your heart calls to you to help any individual, you should answer it.

Are we blurring the lines of charity? Is this the question we should be asking ourselves?

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