Wake Up Laughing

Greetings Sister Tribe!

I had a dream 3 years ago that still holds true today… but you must feel it from a symbolic energy…

I was in an empty old run down hospital, racing through the corridors to find refuge; I was being chased by a man trying to kill me and he had the energy of a zombie even though he really didn’t look like one. Panting, running, glancing through the oddly large windows on the doors to the hospital rooms, I was attempting to strategize how to lock myself away from the relentless killer without him knowing which room I was in….

I quickly locked a door behind me that opened to the corridor when I turned around I saw another door to my room! Ah! I was not faster than him or smarter, this zombie could strategize way ahead of me! Before I could lock the other door, because for some stupid reason I hesitated…

Never hesitate!

The killer was in my safe room! I grabbed a wooden chair and hit him with it and all my might. I couldn’t believe it when the chair just shattered on him like he was superman or something! It didn’t phase him but to make him smile a little…

And he kept coming at me.  I fell backward and as I was falling he reached for me with that looming doom, and as he grabbed my arms I was in sheer terror and massive panic!!!  Panic! Trapped! Alone and nothing I could do to survive this situation!  The killer zombie gets me!

But then, fast as a flash in a blink of an eye, we BOTH start laughing our heads off with great levity!!!

He helps me stand up and we’re clapping each other on the shoulder saying things like, “Good one! Wow! You did a REALLY great job on that one..”

All panic immediately turned to laughter because as it turned out, we were just making a movie! None of it was real even though it sure felt that way in the panic… We were just playing a role.

And I woke up.

Won’t it be nice when we all wake up?  Laughing?!?!

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