Today is a Transformative Day!

Greetings Divine Radiance,

Today is a transformative day!
I’m grateful for and open to receive all the lessons and blessings the Universe has in store for me!

The things we keep trapped within that don’t serve our highest purpose or greater good eventually manifests in some unhealthy way, shape, or form.

The things I kept trapped that no longer served me manifested as massive weight gain.

During a really dark time in my life, all the pain I kept trapped inside caused me to feel miserable in my own skin. The misery I felt within showed on every inch of my body. I struggled with my weight since 1998. My weight felt like six flags because I was up, then down, and had no control. I did everything you can imagine to loose weight and although I experienced temporary success, the weight I lost was always found. This only added to my misery, but my issue was deeper than lack of exercise and unhealthy choices.

Like so many other women, I didn’t feel like I deserved more and became a pro at self-sabotaging.  I’ve tried every tool, diet, and quick fix known to man, but until I chose to release the things that had a hold on my spirit, I’d always end up where I started. Does this sound familiar?
It may not be physical health that you struggle with; it can be emotional, mental, and spiritual too. Whatever it is, the place to create lasting shift is within your subconscious.

Your subconscious is the captain of your ship. If you want the ship to sail in a different direction, you must address the captain.

Habits are as automatic as breathing.  Like breathing, your habits happen subconsciously and without thought so even when you say “I’m going to change my life!” creating lasting change is impossible if you’re attempting to change from a conscious level because the things that prevent you from changing is trapped in your subconscious.

Although I’m speaking of how my subconscious mind prevented me from maintaining physical health, the subconscious mind can also empower you to create or prevent you from creating success in every aspect of your life. 

So how can the subconscious mind be shifted and used as a powerful tool to assist you with your desires as opposed to keeping you from them?

Two simple words…. Trauma Release.

What trauma did you experience that caused a shift in your subconscious belief?

Whatever answer just popped in your head is the first thing to release. By releasing, you will instantly raise your vibration and strengthen your connection with your highest source of power. This will allow you to begin loving yourself in a way that will only allow you to do things that feel good to your Soul. When you choose to release, you’re choosing to heal and when you heal 7 generations before and after you are healed too. Healing causing your entire world to flow with ease. As your vibration raises, so does your happiness, peace, and the ability to manifest your desires.

Neuro-linguistic Programming  (NLP) is a key element that fosters lasting change by diving into your subconscious and locating the tape that replays so it can be destroyed and replaced with a new tape that’s in alignment with your desires. Hypnotherapy is another tool that, when used in combination with NLP, will solidify your new beliefs so limitations are eliviated and you regain control of your life. Because trauma creates an energetic footprint, Reiki is used to clear any energetic blocks you may have so you are empowered to restart your life clear and free.

These are the healing remedies that have worked for me and my clients and what has allowed me to step off the emotional roller coaster I’d been on my entire life.

What are you holding on to that’s keeping you a prisoner of pain? 

Are you ready to feel great and be emotionally, spiritually, and physically healthy? It’s possible if you choose to release the things that have a hold on your spirit and reclaim your power.

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