10 Simple Strategies for Adding Fitness Into Your Day

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “I just don’t have time to work out,” I’d be writing this from my tricked out cabin in the mountains of Colorado, just after posting gourmet French food porn on Instagram and before planning my winter getaway in the Seychelles.

In other words, “I don’t have time to work out” is something I hear often. Excessively.

 I don’t buy it.

 Our 21st century lives are definitely jam-packed. We have arduous commutes to jobs with long hours, family members to care for, checking accounts to balance and numerous daily obligations like laundry and grocery shopping. We’ve arranged our lives in check list format and we spend our days attempting to eliminate as many tasks as possible. It’s exhausting. 

 And yet, if you stopped to consider how you spend your minutes, I bet there’s still room for some physical activity. After all, if you have the time to pin a delicious chocolate cake recipe on Pinterest, you have time to bust out some squats. If you can make time for Game of Thrones, you can make time for a 10 minute walk.

 We benefit from any amount of physical activity.  Simply because we can’t fit in 60 minutes at the gym, doesn’t mean we can’t still make consistent investments in our physical health.

Here are 10 great ways to easily add exercise into your daily life:

  1.  Walk. Take a 10 minute walk before work. Park at the far end of the lot and add some steps to your walk to the door. Walk around the office at lunch. Cajole a friend and take a walk in the evening.
  2. Take the stairs. Try just 1 flight, add more if you can. If you’re taking the escalator, walk it like you would a staircase. Double time the stairs. Run up the stairs.
  3. Squat. Squat while brushing your teeth. Squat during commercial breaks. Squat when you first get out of bed. Squat before getting into bed.
  4. Pushups. Whether from a wall or from the floor, you can bust out a few pushups before you take a shower, during your lunch break, or every time Arya (#GoT) does something badass.
  5. Take a dog for a walk. Many animal shelters are in need of volunteer dog-walkers. Choose a large breed for a long walk, or a small breed for something shorter. Take a friend.
  6. Play with children. Kids love to run, jump, kick balls, climb on things and scream. If you have a child or children in your life, take them to park and join them in the fun. Challenge them to races, kick the soccer ball around and maybe even climb some trees.
  7. Dance. Put on your favorite grooves and bust a move while you’re making dinner or cleaning the house.
  8. Crawl. Remember crab walks and bear crawls? If not, you can find examples on YouTube. Fun fact: crawls are good for everyone, as they engage just about every muscle and joint. Both bear crawls and crab walks challenge our overall strength and mobility. Watching TV and want a snack from the kitchen? Try bear crawling your way across the house.
  9. Lunge. Lunge your way to the mailbox. Lunge your way to the car. Waiting in line at the grocery store? A few lunges will make the time worthwhile.
  10. Carry heavy(ish) things. Dog food bags, water coolers, books, groceries, ceramic dishes, children. . . is it heavy? Carry it. Try carrying it further. Try lifting it onto a table. Try lifting it on to a shelf. Don’t hurt yourself.


 If we practice these types of activities consistently, over time they will ensure we move a little better, get a little stronger, and increase the amount of calories we burn each day. Simply because you’re not “working out” doesn’t mean you can’t take what opportunities exist to get in some extra activity.

It’s all in how you approach the 24 hours each of us are given. Your time is what you make of it and so is your health.  Onward!

Amanda Martin, CPTFitness Empowerment Coach

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