Moving Through Fear

Imagine your greatest fear coming closer. You have a bit of ease as everything has been planned from start to finish and all material to be covered. Then comes the glitch! 20 minutes after my scheduled start time I am introduced to the 100+ individuals. I have had 20 minutes to feel the eyes on me. I remember the secret ingredient to calming the mind and nerves, I begin breathing deeply. Yep – I was totally holding my breath! Yes, the almost 20-year student of yoga still holds her freaking breath in fear. OH wait – Find familiar eyes and wave…that’s better. I can do this!

Getting real with you all – Public Speaking is one of my biggest fears. In college, I would wear high necked shirts to cover up my bright red skin. I wish I could have put a bag over my head as my cheeks got as red as cherries too. I would feel like I was either going to vomit or completely drop a load out of nervousness; before, during, and after speaking.

My college professor did give some amazing tips and they do still help; know your topic very well, be excited about it, find a few familiar eyes to look at while speaking, and breathe…don’t stop breathing!

Well fast forward 21 years and I am still VERY fearful of public speaking. I just found myself doing it this very morning at the elementary school where I teach kids yoga throughout the school year. I was there to inform the staff of the KIDZ Yoga program; the what, why, when, and how come yoga. Knowledge is powerful, so I asked the principal if I could have 10 minutes to speak to the staff. The act of writing the email made my belly do flips, but I knew it would benefit the program, the teachers, and set us up for a fantastic kid’s yoga year!

So in this example I do not need to do the research; 7th year of teaching the kids with multiple trainings in kid’s yoga – I GOT THIS! Knowledge of the material, I am feeling pretty darn confident. Excitement is pretty easy to conjure up too. The youth rock with no fear and their brains and bodies are like sponges – amazing yoga classes, as well as they are my little teachers!

Here we go – The principal introduces me, I say good morning and immediately confess my crazy nerves because they are not on mats! I teach yoga people. My body is buzzing, although at that moment it just happens – I just deliver what is needed. It was incredible! Some teachers had questions, some encouraged others to join us in class to learn, another shared for 3 years she has been utilizing techniques with her students, and then they thanked me – Done! Holy moly was that awesome, terrifying, and I will do it again.

See our fears are not always about us. Yes, I am terrified to speak in front of an audience, but I used to be more terrified of being rejected or being a failure. My awareness to what fear does no longer has a grip on me. I am not worried, because those who hear it, see it, and are open to it will receive it. For those who are not – that is okay too. I no longer care about pleasing everyone. I absolutely LOVE everything about what I practice, study, and teach!

Fear holds us back and it holds on to us tightly. It prevents us from growth and moving into our amazing purpose.

When freed from the leashes of fear, we can embrace the space of LOVE. I encourage you to dive into your fears and ask; What are they and why? What is holding you back?

Trust the strength of your heart to help guide you through fear to that ultimate space of LOVE! YOU GOT THIS!

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