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Feeling pain or stiffness in your “seat”? Dawn DiVita, an MDC Collaborator and founder of Yoga DiVita, invites you to making subtle changes in the body to find space in your pelvis and spine. You may find these adjustments create lightness, stability, and support. Whether your sitting, standing, or in yoga postures…let’s get up and out of our “lazy boy” bodies!


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Tara is a spiritual seeker who is guided by Spirit to share with you, her quests of finding her own inner truths of life through personal reflections, self discoveries, yoga, and mind body awareness in hopes of inspiring you in your own journey. You can also find her at

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  1. Back posture —This is spot on what I need to be doing. Constant lower back extension . Ilearned another posture today at PT…I’ll show you when next in town ( Early October. like 10/3 —> 1015 ) . Perfect for your class if you want to do a partner’s exercise. C U Then.

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