The Present within the Present (Is your Presence)

We’re either so stuck in our pasts, wondering what could have, should have or might have been.


We’re so far into the future in the maybe’s, possibilities and might be’s.

We miss out on the place where the power is at, and that is this very moment. I know you’ve read the books (Power of Now, Be Here Now), heard countless podcasts, done the meditations. You know all about presence. But yet, you’re still not fully wrapping your head around the power of presence.

Because you don’t feel powerful.

In order to have presence, you must BE presence. You must FEEL your own presence first if you’re going to fully be here. If you are not connected to yourself and fully here, standing in your power, then you will lose power every moment. You will miss the moment. You will miss out on your greatest potential to live, thrive and be alive.

Now don’t stress yourself out, there is no actual code or twelve step formula to being present. Go back to what I said before – you’ve got to feel powerful first; you’ve got to discover the essence of your presence in order to BE present and open the present of the moment. The gift of what is.

Sit into that a bit. What does power feel like to you?

I guarantee that somewhere in there, where there is a lacking of presence, there is also a misunderstanding of power. You feel a slight uncertainty. You feel a smidge of discomfort. That is where you must start.

What do you associate with power that keeps you so disconnected from it? 
What would you be doing If you WERE powerful; and why are you so afraid of that person?

This moment is where we have the most control, yet we give it up for the things we can’t. Why?

Because we’re used to giving our power to things we can’t change and things we’ll never know. We’re comfortable with the certainty of not having or being; and the present requires that we step into those very things. The present requires that we work with all that is certain. Once we have that certainty, we have clarity. Clarity helps us to make decisions. Clear decisions are habits of the essence of your presence in motion.

What if’s will never truly be answered.
What could be’s will never truly be known.
Potential will never become reality until you step into the power of this moment, the power within you.

The essence within your presence. 

The only thing that can be answered is the WHAT IS.

What Is happening right now is all you have to focus on.

The present requires your presence. The gift of the moment is that right now you are in the right place always. Even if right now you’re confused, you’re unsure, you’re in a bad spot or a good spot. You’re in the right spot. Because right now everything you’re feeling is challenging you to decide. Everything you’re feeling is challenging you to be clear on who you are, right now – not tomorrow, not yesterday – now. Right now the person you are know’s what she feels, thinks, wants and desires.

Apply that knowledge now to gain wisdom. 

To be totally honest, you’re worrying too much about frames of time that are non-existent. You’re giving power to a dead moment (the past) or a fairytale figure (the future). You’re spending too much time, brimming with anxiety over a tomorrow that may never come. You’re spending too much time, flooded with woe over a blockade to an entrance that was closed a long time ago (the past).

Want to know the best way to tune in, in seconds?

Learn from the past. What is it you miss? What are you still grieving? What did you want most from those moments you’ll never get back entirely?

Derive insight about yourself from the future. What are you aspiring to become? To create? To develop?

What can you do NOW that creates that TODAY? What can you do now that contributes to both visions and destroys the sorrow or anxiety?

Doing something now will answer and appease both sides. They will stop screaming, the moment you stand up and for yourself NOW.

This is the only moment that is real. And you are all that stands, existent, between two worlds that have no real power over you unless you let them.

So what are you going to do?

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