If you believed your words held the power of creation, how differently would you speak?

Greetings you Magnificent Ray of Light!

Are you aware of the power of your words? I know you’ve heard time and time again that your words are powerful, but do you truly know just how powerful the words you speak everyday are? 

Words, like our thoughts, carry a vibration and whatever vibration you radiate, the Universe responds by providing you with the things that are in alignment with your vibration.

  • When you speak, are you speaking lack language or abundance language?


  • Are you speaking in a way that’s attracting your desires or are your words attracting the things you desire not to attract?
  • How often do you use phrases like “I’m trying to….” or “I’m going to try to…..”? 
If you’re like most people, you use “try” a lot.
The word try falls under lack language because whenever you use it, your subconscious hears “don’t do it”.  Because your subconscious is the captain of your ship, your ship won’t sail if the captain isn’t on board.

What about the word “need”?

How often do you find yourself saying “I need…” or “I need to…”?
Need is another lack word and using it in this way creates lack in your life. When you send the vibration of need, The Universe responds by keeping you in a constant state of need. Everything you “need” is within you so truly you don’t “need” anything.
If you’d like to shift from need to abundance, replace need with “I choose to”.
We all have free will and choice so exercising this fact begins with the words you speak. When you choose to do something as opposed to reacting to a need,  it feels empowering and this feeling instantly raises your vibration allowing you to manifest what you desire and deserve.
I want,  I wish, I should, I have to, are all lack statements.

I created a list of lack language vs abundance language in the file section of my Facebook group,

The 21 Day I Am Challenge

Join the group and look at the list to learn alternate ways of speaking so you’re mindful of how your words can shape your reality.

If you believed your words held the power of creation, how differently would you speak?
I encourage you to begin using your words as a tool to assist you with raising your vibration so you can begin creating a masterpiece, known as your life.
From my Soul to yours,
No such thing astoo much cheese

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