Success as Revenge? (I dislike this statement)

They say the greatest revenge you can get on people is being successful.  Well, this statement always sat in my heart uncomfortably. I tried chewing it over, and it didn’t taste right. I tried sleeping on it, and it made me restless. I tried feeling it out and it felt like I was running my hands over  (literal) blades of grass. It hurt. It really actually hurt to try and believe in that. Because you know what? It DOES hurt.

It hurts YOU to think and feel that way. 

The word revenge, by definition literally means to inflict pain or harm on someone who has done you wrong or hurt you in some way. It’s like an eye for an eye, type of deal. So this tells me two things about the whole success as revenge statement:

1) You’re working really hard on your dreams, but you’re also doing so to prove something to someone, to be better than someone. You’re coming from a place of anger, hate, pain and sadness in your heart and soul. While you may genuinely want to be successful, your hard work and dedication to your dreams is also silently being run by something deeper – an anger that is burning you out.

2) You have traumas that you need to overcome if you truly want to FEEL as well as BE successful. You have things you need to admit to yourself, speak up about to other people and so on. You have underlying, darker motives in your desire to be successful. Not saying you’re evil, you’re just hurt and stemming from a place of unresolved and unhealed pain.

To me, this is not a success. This is kind of along the same lines of the “fake it til you make it” mentality. Another statement I absolutely abhor. Where you’re focusing so much on being better than the people who put you down, hurt you, settled for less, tried to confine you, etc; that you’re not giving yourself the very things you needed most then, right now, to be successful.

See what I mean?

The greatest success is being your own power source. Focusing on what you needed most at the times you didn’t receive that empowerment, that encouraging word, that gentle nudge. Focusing on where you’re depleted and what you need to refill and recharge so that you can be a true success.

Remember how we discussed tapping into your power last week? Well this week our word is success. What comes up for you around that? Who are you when you’re successful? What do you look and feel like? What are you doing? What are your habits? Who do you hang with?

Now, what do you need to feed yourself mentally, emotionally, physically AND soulfully in order to commit to and nourish THAT person? 

Revenge is kind of like aspartame – a sweet poison. It may seem delicious for you, but its still a poison no matter how  you label it. So don’t add it to the platter of your habits and daily routine. It isn’t healthy for you. Health is wealth right? Value your health on all levels and you’ll be a huge success. I promise.
So, how are you going to contribute to your success this week?

No such thing astoo much cheese

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