The Time is NOW to Be in Action

Greetings Divine Radiance,
Today is an incredible day!
I’m grateful for and open to receive all the blessings, lessons and opportunities the Universe has in store for me!!
We have all been around people who love to complain about their current state, but when a solution is presented that will result in change, they seemingly would rather stay where they are in life and continue complaining.

Doesn’t that work your last nerve?
It used to work mine too, but I now have an understanding of why some people prefer complaining over action.
Most people who fall in the category of serial complainers are filled with fear and self doubt. They are also plagued with feelings of unworthiness.
Why else would a person be in a state of misery and choose complaining over results producing action?
Because there is comfort in their discomfort. Knowing exactly what to expect day in and day out (even if it’s misery) for some is easier than taking a leap of faith towards where their Soul is calling them to go.
Change requires a person to stop the complaining and be in action! 
When you stop speaking about what you desire and make the choice to be in action you step into the unknown.  The unknown is a place that creates all sorts of questions to pop into your head.
  • Will I fail?
  • Will my life get better?
  • Will this really work?
  • Will I like the process?
  • Will it be hard?
  • Will I stick to it?
  • Will it be worth it?
The only way to answer these questions is to step out of your current state and do something you’ve never done- Trust yourself!
When you tap into your inner Divinity and allow your Soul to lead you, you will always end up exactly where you’re meant to be.   At times the road may seem rough and other times it may feel like a walk along a beautiful sunny beach.
However, the one thing that remains true is this- as long as you are guided by your Soul, you will never be led astray.
You’ve said your nerves are worked by serial complainers, but I challenge you to take a deep reflective look at yourself and ask yourself if you too, are a serial complainer.
Do you allow fear to take over and keep you from being in action or do you jump on opportunities to get to the root of what’s holding you back so you can remove it and grow past it?
In addition to the serial complainer, there’s also the excuse maker.
The excuse maker will have every excuse in the book why they can’t stop complaining and create shift in their life.
Here are some common excuses:
  • I have to buy x,y, and z for so and so
  • I have to pay this bill or that bill
  • I have to wait until…
  • I can’t afford it
We all have financial obligations, but the truth is- when we truly desire something, nothing will keep us from it! We will give up that morning latte, take an extra shift at work, say no to the new pair of shoes, eat at home instead of eating out (you get where I’m going with this).
The point is, if you truly desire what you say you desire you will make it happen no matter what obstacles present themselves!
If you’re serious about desiring to shift your life, but fall in the excuse maker category, guess what?
Your excuse making stems from fear too.
Fear is not your friend. Fear is an illusion and should not be embraced.
When you release fear and embrace the opportunity to create shift and change your world, you will ditch the complaining and the excuses immediately.
The choice is yours, stay where you are or embrace a whole new world of abundance and blessings.
The time is Now to be in action. You are capable and worthy to create the life you desire and truly deserve.
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