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Flip the script and feel your best! The number one strategy to life-long health and fitness. It’s NOT another diet!

10 Simple Strategies for Adding Fitness Into Your Day

If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “I just don’t have time to work out,” I’d be writing this from my tricked out cabin in the mountains of Colorado, just after posting gourmet French food porn on Instagram and before planning my winter getaway in the Seychelles. In other words, “I don’t have time to work out” is something I hear often. Excessively.  I don’t buy it.  Our 21st century lives are definitely jam-packed. We have arduous commutes to jobs with long hours, family members to care for,… Read More

No Need for Exercise: Your Personal Invitation

This is an invitation. It is for every kid chosen last for team sports. It is for all the tender hearts who view their bodies with disdain. It is for the New Years Resolutioners and the fad diet veterans. It’s for anyone who’s ever binged on junk food and felt out of control. This invitation is for those who meticulously count every calorie and limit themselves to 1200 or 800 or less. It’s for everyone who hears the word “exercise” and groans, grimaces or grits their teeth.

Motivation is Bananas & You’re Not Special – The Real Key to Fitness Success

Symptom Checklist: √  On fire with motivation on Monday. Can’t get off the couch on Wednesday. √  Planned to work out 3 times this week. Took a walk once. √  Thought about doing some squats. Ate some trail mix and watched Netflix instead. √  Pinned 527 fitness motivation memes to a Pinterest board titled “You Got This!!!” Attempted 527 versions of dessert featuring Reese’s Pieces.  If you answered yes to any of the above symptoms, or have experienced anything similar, there’s just one diagnosis – You’re human.

How to Conquer Fitness Fear

Fear is a ferocious beast. If left unchecked, it can sabotage our best efforts towards greater health and prevent us from ever getting very far on the fitness journey. Feeling self-conscious, vulnerable, and anxious is common. Such feelings can also be a barrier when it comes to stepping into a weight room, getting our groove on in a Zumba class, or scaling a 6-foot wall in a mud-bedazzled obstacle course. We all worry about what other people think. No one likes to be judged. If you feel paralyzed (or even just slowed… Read More

Reclaiming My Body-A Path of Strength and Skill

It was the lights, swirling red and orange outside my window, that awakened me. I may have heard sirens or voices – I can’t recall now what exactly compelled me to slip from beneath the covers and make my way into a darkened hallway. Our neighbor from next door was sitting silently atop the stairs. He turned and asked awkwardly, “do you want a glass of water?” Scared, I said nothing and returned to bed.  Later, I would compliment my mother on her beautiful smile. Later still, I would learn her teeth… Read More

Built for Adventure

Recently, I was asked quite seriously, “if weight loss isn’t a goal, what’s the point of fitness?”  It’s a valid question and one indicative of a culture that equates physical fitness with body fat percentage. But more than that, behind this question lies a lifetime of deeply destructive brainwashing –

My Body, My Power

The conversation usually goes something like this: Me: True fitness is about health and personal power! Her: Health… and what? Me: Personal power! Her: . . .Oh. Much has been written, by me and others, on the quantifiable health benefits of regular cardiovascular activity and strength-training for women. A healthy heart, strong bones, mighty lungs, and increased mobility are all important outcomes of a quality fitness program. All of us would benefit from prioritizing the health of our bodies.  What about our minds and spirits?

Amanda Martin

Fitness Empowerment Coach
& Body Positive Riot Grrrl