How to get your husband healthy: Episode 2 Video Blog

Ladies, is your husband a picky eater? Does he resist the idea of eating healthy? Is he even worse at eating his fruits and veggies as your kids? I get this feedback ALL THE TIME as a Family Health Coach. In this video series I interviewed my own husband to share his own healthy eating story and how it is possible for your hubby to get on board with a healthier lifestyle. This episode covers the reasons why husbands are so resistant to eating healthy. We cover the resistance to change, the… Read More

How To Get Your Husband Healthy: Episode 1 Video Blog

Ladies!!!!! You asked, I delivered. I get this feedback ALL THE TIME as a health coach… “I want to get healthy but my husband isn’t on board” AND “He is MORE of a picky eater than my kids” AND “He doesn’t want to go on a diet” AND “He won’t eat healthy” and on and on….

Is Your Child a Picky Eater?

Raise your hand if you have said this, or heard this before: “My kid won’t like that” “She doesn’t like any fruit”  “He won’t touch his green veggies”  “They only like chicken nuggets and mac-n-cheese” “He could live off crackers and chips” “She won’t drink a smoothie”  The following are some of my top suggestions that can turn your picky eater into a curious consumer of yummy healthy foods. It all starts with YOU!

Meal Prep Sunday: the key to healthy eating success throughout the week

We are all busy these days, work, school, deadlines, activities, and life gets in the way of us taking time to manage it all. I have found that a little bit of time, once a week, can greatly impact how you eat through the week. We want to set ourselves up for success. Taking care of your body is a priority but only if you see it as one. You may have the best intentions to “eat healthy” but without a plan and some preparation that can quickly become a problem. Eating… Read More

Healthy Eating on a Budget

As a Health Professional and Nutritional Educator, I hear this all the time “Healthy Eating is Expensive.” I have to disagree. Ever since changing my lifestyle and cutting out processed food and decreasing the amount of dining out, our food budget has gone DOWN. The so called “cheap” food that is found in the middle aisles of the store is what is burning a hole in the pocket book of American families. When you look at the actual ingredients of what you are getting (toxic), the cost of the bright and colorful… Read More

How to Cope with Anxiety

Are you an anxious person??  Once we get an understanding of what is happening, what it is, how to cope, and what techniques to use during anxiety, we gain more mastery over our emotional processes.    Good news is that you have access to many amazing coping tools at all times…watch for more! 

How to Train your Dragons; Lessons from Daenerys and Hiccup

(Note to reader: You may want to watch “How To Train Your Dragon” and “Game of Thrones” to catch some of the film references.) Emotions!!!! We all have the same big three that cause us pain when it comes to pursuing our goals and dreams. Let me introduce you to them…. Fear,  Doubt, and Uncertainty.

BEFRIEND YOUR BODY ~ Why Exercise Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

Have you made your body your bestie?  Well it is time to BEFRIEND your precious beautiful body! Do you view working out to be a chore, rather than a healthy habit??? Consider all the other amazing ways healthy movement is beneficial to you, not just weight loss, not just for a future outcome, but for right now! Exercise is a form of self care, a celebration of what your body is capable of, and offers so many other benefits.  Exercise is not meant to be a punishment, but a necessity for your… Read More

Why Diets Alone Don’t Work!

Diets are everywhere I look these days (which is nothing new) and it seems like more than ever companies are trying to get sell weight loss through the fad diet of the moment or a magic pill. These efforts may work short term, but do not offer long lasting change and certainly do not address the core issues at play. Fat loss and having a ripped body, does not equal total body health. We can achieve a certain level of weight loss and still have the inside of the body in shambles…. Read More

Tower to Table

How does this sound? You’re making dinner and want a fresh salad…so you step out onto your porch or patio, harvest some home-grown organic veggies and greens, walk back inside and enjoy your yummy meal, from tower to table! This is just one reason we love our Tower Garden by Juice Plus. This baby is the future of urban gardening with vertical aeroponic technology and it’s as simple as assemble, plug in, and watch the magic grow.