Abundant & Balanced Womens Yoga Retreat

Get to know Dawn Divita and Tara Fournier in this video as they share some information about their upcoming Womens Retreat March 16-21, 2018 in North Myrtle Beach, SC.

Yoga Alliance Approved 18 hours of Continuing Education for any Yoga Teachers who attend!

Women of all ages and yoga levels welcome!!

Check out more Retreat details HERE!

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Shanti Sisters Sacred Retreat


When is the last time your took a time out for yourself to listen to what your heart needs to tell you?
We’ve been good girls long enough! We take care of our careers, partners, children, the house and the bills, but why don’t we schedule time to take care of ourselves? Well, we know why. Our society lacks the support system of a Sisterhood. Us women need other women, we need mentors, we need understanding that only females can support.

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