Abundant & Balanced Womens Yoga Retreat

Get to know Dawn Divita and Tara Fournier in this video as they share some information about their upcoming Womens Retreat March 16-21, 2018 in North Myrtle Beach, SC. Yoga Alliance Approved 18 hours of Continuing Education for any Yoga Teachers who attend! Women of all ages and yoga levels welcome!! Check out more Retreat details HERE!

Wake Up – Spinal Energy! Video Blog

Do you feel sleepy, heavy, or disconnected in the body or mind?  It is time to empower yourself with this amazing, simple, and VERY accessible short 12 minute yoga class. Join Dawn DiVita, founder of Yoga DiVita, as she guides you through these easy exercises to move and wake up the spine. Utilize this knowledge where ever you are to clear and clean what is no longer serving you, so you may feel light in body and have clarity in your heart and mind.

Freedom in Your Seat! Video Blog

Feeling pain or stiffness in your “seat”? Dawn DiVita, an MDC Collaborator and founder of Yoga DiVita, invites you to making subtle changes in the body to find space in your pelvis and spine. You may find these adjustments create lightness, stability, and support. Whether your sitting, standing, or in yoga postures…let’s get up and out of our “lazy boy” bodies!

Moving Through Fear

Imagine your greatest fear coming closer. You have a bit of ease as everything has been planned from start to finish and all material to be covered. Then comes the glitch! 20 minutes after my scheduled start time I am introduced to the 100+ individuals. I have had 20 minutes to feel the eyes on me. I remember the secret ingredient to calming the mind and nerves, I begin breathing deeply. Yep – I was totally holding my breath! Yes, the almost 20-year student of yoga still holds her freaking breath in… Read More

Go Freaking Fund Me

We are of the age of Go Fund Me’s. An era of entitled beings and not just the millennial’s either. Let’s face it with social media at our finger tips, easy applications to reach 1000’s of people, and with a great story… I bet someone will offer me $5-50 for my well-intended future. That charitable cause or start-up will benefit YOU – in the end, I am serving you, my friend, family, student, and strangers… you will all benefit from this cause. I am sure in some cases, it would. Now before… Read More


It is exciting to begin something new. Think about any new romantic relationship: the butterflies every time you get together, long hours on the phone, and exploring areas in your life that on any ordinary day you would run. Because of this new relationship, you don’t pay too much attention to the fear that lies beneath. This dance happens over and over in our life time. Your yoga practice is one of them.

30 Minute Migraine

Lying on my back, still heavy in body, I feel myself begin to transition from a deep sleep to soft awakening. Without opening my eyes, I begin to notice how I am wearing my legs, arms, back, and there it is – my throbbing HEAD! Ugh…it still hurts. I recognize the pain doesn’t resemble my head being sandwiched in a vice grip. This is a very good sign and not my first rodeo with a hormonal or barometric pressure migraine. Today I will find out will it be a storm in my… Read More

Law and Order

It’s mid-May and I am just wrapping up a morning of yoga classes. I was stalling for a bit checking my email and social media, as I had a date planned with my hubby for lunch. Every day is an ordinary day with no great expectations, however every day is sprinkled with some unexpected special gifts. This day was the mother load of magical unicorn pixie dust!

Living Vulnerable

Vulnerability is the state of being vulnerable or exposed. I ask you to sit back, delve into that feeling and your yoga practice. My first experience within an asana(pose) was like being naked, literally stripped of everything, there was no hiding anymore from what I was really feeling. I was not yet with a teacher to guide me during this overwhelming moment, so from that day forward – I skipped THAT pose in my practice…there was no way I was going there again – that shit was scary, raw, and unidentifiable. What… Read More


A brilliant green lizard, bold red cardinal, soft grey feather, school of dragon flies, lucid dreams, a warm touch on the shoulder are just a few of the many fascinating messengers that await to be seen and felt by you. I don’t believe in coincidences. Everything has a message, gift, or lesson. Sometimes the message is very soft like a whisper and sometimes it may wake you up in a startle, but they are all waiting to be discovered.