Magic of the Wise Woman

A Wise Woman is magical.  She is rooted in the earth while connected to her Higher Self.

She is Mother Nature.  She is flooded with emotions, sensitive to energies, fire burning within.  She rages like a tornado, and then becomes the calm after the storm.

She is like the ocean.  There is an entire world beneath the surface most will never witness.  Her emotions ebb and flow like the waves, and wipes away the past like the tide removes and replenishes the beach each day.

She is unintentionally in touch with each season.  She lets go in the fall, while in winter her roots grow deeper within.  Her smile is the brightness of spring, and her embrace the warmth of summer.

She is naturally connected with the cycles of the moon, and each month her body is the living example.  Continue reading “Magic of the Wise Woman”

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Stripping off the Maiden for the Mother Archetype, and birthing your own creation

Giving birth is the most primal experience we women get to experience, and this is not only about birthing human beings.  Yes we amazingly birth children, but also creations of ideas and dreams, hopes and passions.

The “Mother” part of us is the time in our lives represented by fertile manifestations and the nurturing compassionate female that cares about the world and all its living inhabitants.  You do not have to be called mom to transform into this stage. Any woman is capable of this transition from Maiden to Mother and all of us experience it at different ages.

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