Success as Revenge? (I dislike this statement)

They say the greatest revenge you can get on people is being successful.  Well, this statement always sat in my heart uncomfortably. I tried chewing it over, and it didn’t taste right. I tried sleeping on it, and it made me restless. I tried feeling it out and it felt like I was running my hands over  (literal) blades of grass. It hurt. It really actually hurt to try and believe in that. Because you know what? It DOES hurt. It hurts YOU to think and feel that way. 

The Present within the Present (Is your Presence)

We’re either so stuck in our pasts, wondering what could have, should have or might have been. OR We’re so far into the future in the maybe’s, possibilities and might be’s. We miss out on the place where the power is at, and that is this very moment. I know you’ve read the books (Power of Now, Be Here Now), heard countless podcasts, done the meditations. You know all about presence. But yet, you’re still not fully wrapping your head around the power of presence. Because you don’t feel powerful.

Jennifer Pennington

Soul Recovery Coach