The Time is NOW to Be in Action

Greetings Divine Radiance, Today is an incredible day! I’m grateful for and open to receive all the blessings, lessons and opportunities the Universe has in store for me!! We have all been around people who love to complain about their current state, but when a solution is presented that will result in change, they seemingly would rather stay where they are in life and continue complaining.

Let’s Play Big! Video Blog

This first video is a milestone for me.  It’s time to stop hiding behind habit and move into our greatness. We will be discovering that our greatest desires are within reach.  

Success as Revenge? (I dislike this statement)

They say the greatest revenge you can get on people is being successful.  Well, this statement always sat in my heart uncomfortably. I tried chewing it over, and it didn’t taste right. I tried sleeping on it, and it made me restless. I tried feeling it out and it felt like I was running my hands over  (literal) blades of grass. It hurt. It really actually hurt to try and believe in that. Because you know what? It DOES hurt. It hurts YOU to think and feel that way. 

The Present within the Present (Is your Presence)

We’re either so stuck in our pasts, wondering what could have, should have or might have been. OR We’re so far into the future in the maybe’s, possibilities and might be’s. We miss out on the place where the power is at, and that is this very moment. I know you’ve read the books (Power of Now, Be Here Now), heard countless podcasts, done the meditations. You know all about presence. But yet, you’re still not fully wrapping your head around the power of presence. Because you don’t feel powerful.

Release Control with this One Quote Video Blog

When things don’t go the way you wanted them to, it can create a lot of questions as to why it didn’t! Ease your mind and heart with this one quote when things don’t go the way you thought they should.

Moving Through Fear

Imagine your greatest fear coming closer. You have a bit of ease as everything has been planned from start to finish and all material to be covered. Then comes the glitch! 20 minutes after my scheduled start time I am introduced to the 100+ individuals. I have had 20 minutes to feel the eyes on me. I remember the secret ingredient to calming the mind and nerves, I begin breathing deeply. Yep – I was totally holding my breath! Yes, the almost 20-year student of yoga still holds her freaking breath in… Read More

What is your WHY?

I attended a conference last weekend in Greensboro, NC.  It was the 25thAnniversary for the company that I have been a part of for several years. A coliseum filled with 23,000 entrepreneurs, celebrating success, growth, advancement. We had amazing guests and presentations by our corporate team. One of the most powerful presentations was from the Executive Vice President, she is also the CEO’s wife. What Loren taught us was not new information but presented in such a way, that is seemed new. Her biggest message was, You’re Not That Busy.  

Trusting the Pain

Life.  It can be peaceful, it can be painful.  Every single one of us women know that life ebbs and flows and yet still when it does, it feels like a panic attack may emerge.  Why? Why do we resist the ebbs?  The ebbs of family life, work, relationships, personal feelings and mental chatter are all a part of life.  Does it come down to how we each view life itself, consciously or unconsciously?  I know many beautiful women who are conscious and awakened and yet when the ebbs start, it becomes… Read More

New Moon in Leo

If you are in North America then the new moon and its newenergy occurred yesterday June 23rd.  New moons are known for creating new beginnings and manifestations.   This particular new moon is in Leo.  I have mentioned before in previous posts regarding the moon and astrology that I do not claim to be an astrologer, however I do read about it in order to give myself some insight into my own life and share this information with all of you.

Stop Feeding the Fears

Stop feeding the FEARS! Last week we talked about identifying our fears and the limiting beliefs that help create those fears.  In my travels over the last week, I noticed how my fears keep me from being who I know and my heart knows, I am supposed to be.