What’s This In My Hands?

Greetings, Sister Tribe!  Have you ever observed with delight the open fascination a baby experiences as she begins to examine her hands for the first time?  She is so curious and explorative as she realizes she controls these wordless things that move and feel, she can make things happen with her hands!  I remember watching my grandson just last year come into this new awareness… isn’t it amazing that babies have no words, only feelings, and through following their feelings they learn? And isn’t is also amazing that although our hands have no words,… Read More

Hand Analysis Q&A: Right Ring Finger

Greetings, Sister Tribe!  Let’s pick up where we left off with my friend’s request for metaphysical advice in regard to her family’s hand traumas!  In the last post, I covered the left thumb; this time it’s all about the right ring finger.  If you haven’t had a chance to read the Q&A about the left thumb, click here:

Hand Analysis Q & A: Left Thumb

Greetings, Sister Tribe!  One of our sisters recently reached out to me for help because of my knowledge of palmistry which inspired me to share here on My Divine Compass.  Our hands are quite an accurate compass to turn to when navigating our lives!  As a physical compass points to True North, our hands always lead us to our Soul’s Purpose in life.

Group Heart Reading

No!  I am NOT talking about pulling out the EKG!  I’m talking about a major line in the palm of your hands known as The Heart Line 😉 The Heart Line in your hands is SO much more than the horizontal line closest to your fingers!  It’s the water of it all, and we all know that there is no life without water!  Yes, the Heart Line is also known as a physical manifestation of a major neural pathway in your brain, but which pathway?  Your emotional path.  Your Heart Line is… Read More