If you believed your words held the power of creation, how differently would you speak?

Greetings you Magnificent Ray of Light! Are you aware of the power of your words? I know you’ve heard time and time again that your words are powerful, but do you truly know just how powerful the words you speak everyday are? 

How is your past trauma keeping you from your purpose?

Greetings Divine Radiance! Do you feel deep down in your bones that you’re meant to live an extraordinary life? Do you see yourself in a peaceful state, filled with and surrounded by love and bliss? Do you often wonder why it’s so difficult to manifest what you desire into your reality?

Today is a Transformative Day!

Greetings Divine Radiance, Today is a transformative day! I’m grateful for and open to receive all the lessons and blessings the Universe has in store for me! The things we keep trapped within that don’t serve our highest purpose or greater good eventually manifests in some unhealthy way, shape, or form.