Healthy Eating on a Budget

As a Health Professional and Nutritional Educator, I hear this all the time “Healthy Eating is Expensive.” I have to disagree. Ever since changing my lifestyle and cutting out processed food and decreasing the amount of dining out, our food budget has gone DOWN. The so called “cheap” food that is found in the middle aisles of the store is what is burning a hole in the pocket book of American families. When you look at the actual ingredients of what you are getting (toxic), the cost of the bright and colorful packaging (marketing and advertising), the cost of health outcomes and diseases stemming from a unhealthy diet (cancer, heart disease, diabetes), is very expensive.

So we are either paying the farmer now, or the doctor later. Either way money is being spent so might as well spend it on your health and decrease your risk of poor health in the future.
Here are some of my favorite money saving tips for healthy eating!

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Built for Adventure

Recently, I was asked quite seriously, “if weight loss isn’t a goal, what’s the point of fitness?”

 It’s a valid question and one indicative of a culture that equates physical fitness with body fat percentage. But more than that, behind this question lies a lifetime of deeply destructive brainwashing – Continue reading “Built for Adventure”

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The Dreaded Ear Infection?!

Nooooooooo!  Oh Yes!  Greetings, Sister Tribe!  It’s time to get real, down to Earth, and face the music… or rather… the incessant screaming and crying of little ones with an ear ache.

Fear not!  Our Super Friends, Garlic and Onion, are here to save the day (and our sleepless nights)!  Continue reading “The Dreaded Ear Infection?!”

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My Body, My Power

The conversation usually goes something like this:

Me: True fitness is about health and personal power!

Her: Health… and what?

Me: Personal power!

Her: . . .Oh.

Much has been written, by me and others, on the quantifiable health benefits of regular cardiovascular activity and strength-training for women. A healthy heart, strong bones, mighty lungs, and increased mobility are all important outcomes of a quality fitness program. All of us would benefit from prioritizing the health of our bodies.

 What about our minds and spirits? Continue reading “My Body, My Power”

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BEFRIEND YOUR BODY ~ Why Exercise Doesn’t Have to be a Chore

Have you made your body your bestie? 
Well it is time to BEFRIEND your precious beautiful body!
Do you view working out to be a chore, rather than a healthy habit???
Consider all the other amazing ways healthy movement is beneficial to you, not just weight loss, not just for a future outcome, but for right now!
Exercise is a form of self care, a celebration of what your body is capable of, and offers so many other benefits.  Exercise is not meant to be a punishment, but a necessity for your body to function smoothly and effectively. Let go of the outcome and honor the now!

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Reclaim Our Fertility Part 2

Greetings Sister Tribe!  The Fertility Vibe is continuing to flow!  If any of you missed part 1 of “Reclaim Our Fertility”, you can read it first!

To be clear, m’Sisters… none of my writings are intended as a substitute for the advice provided by our physicians or other medical professionals. 

However, I feel most passionately that it’s time we women trust our guts!  If we feel like we need a doctor, listen to ourselves and go!  Take charge of our health, Ladies!  We only get one body in this life so treat it like a Goddess  Continue reading “Reclaim Our Fertility Part 2”

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Reclaim Our Fertility! Part 1

Greetings, Sister Tribe!  Women’s health and fertility has been entering my field of awareness quite a bit these past couple months. 

“Infertility is defined as the inability to conceive after one year of unprotected intercourse (six months if the woman is over age 35) or the inability to carry a pregnancy to live birth.”

I want to be all soft and huggy… you know… the kind, sympathetic type of compassion… to nod my head in understanding while expressing my condolences, but the fact is… I’m not. Not in this case…  I’m fiery! Continue reading “Reclaim Our Fertility! Part 1”

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