Wake Up – Spinal Energy! Video Blog

Do you feel sleepy, heavy, or disconnected in the body or mind?  It is time to empower yourself with this amazing, simple, and VERY accessible short 12 minute yoga class.

Join Dawn DiVita, founder of Yoga DiVita, as she guides you through these easy exercises to move and wake up the spine. Utilize this knowledge where ever you are to clear and clean what is no longer serving you, so you may feel light in body and have clarity in your heart and mind.

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Freedom in Your Seat! Video Blog

Feeling pain or stiffness in your “seat”? Dawn DiVita, an MDC Collaborator and founder of Yoga DiVita, invites you to making subtle changes in the body to find space in your pelvis and spine. You may find these adjustments create lightness, stability, and support. Whether your sitting, standing, or in yoga postures…let’s get up and out of our “lazy boy” bodies! Continue reading “Freedom in Your Seat! Video Blog”

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It is exciting to begin something new. Think about any new romantic relationship: the butterflies every time you get together, long hours on the phone, and exploring areas in your life that on any ordinary day you would run. Because of this new relationship, you don’t pay too much attention to the fear that lies beneath. This dance happens over and over in our life time. Your yoga practice is one of them. Continue reading “Yo-mance”

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How to Take Yoga into Your Life

Have you ever wondered how holding yoga poses like Tree, Warrior, or Mountain can make your day better? Better by way of feeling more focused, calmer, happier, maybe even feel less stress and anxiety. I have even heard craziness like watching your breath, thoughts, and feelings can even ground you or connect you more to where you are. My work is to invite students to actively play in body, breath, and mind. I say play to encourage space for curiosity and excitement without the stress. Let’s try to lessen the fear factor and the messy mind coming in to dictate whether I am getting it right or wrong. Playing helps lighten the load. Let’s face it, life off the mat can be pretty dang serious.

Just this week I was asked by a yoga student “how do we take this into our lives?”

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Yoga Practice not Yoga Perfection

Sometimes we just want to feel good and move. Yoga is about remembering how capable you already are and celebrating that. To be honest, I have avoided certain poses in the past few years, because I use to think mastering them was the goal… being the recovering perfectionist I am, why do something if it can’t be done right? Of course this is a lie. I am unpacking these beliefs about myself. First of all my body is capable of so much already. I want to enjoy the journey of where I am heading. One day I will arrive at that perceived destination and say, oh look! I’m here, wasn’t that a fun trip! Where else can I go?

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Is it Yoga, Asana or a workout?


I woke up this morning feeling inspired while also feeling something brewing within me to share.  As I quickly perused my two social media news feeds, I realized what I needed to share from my heart.  First let me briefly explain what I noticed this morning;  Pictures of extremely difficult asana poses, ads for upcoming Yoga “challenges” and Yoga “shred” events.

Before getting ahead of myself, and for those who do not know, I would like to explain the difference between Yoga and Asana. Continue reading “Is it Yoga, Asana or a workout?”

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