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Healthy Eating on a Budget

As a Health Professional and Nutritional Educator, I hear this all the time “Healthy Eating is Expensive.” I have to disagree. Ever since changing my lifestyle and cutting out processed food and decreasing the amount of dining out, our food budget has gone DOWN. The so called “cheap” food that is found in the middle aisles of the store is what is burning a hole in the pocket book of American families. When you look at the actual ingredients of what you are getting (toxic), the cost of the bright and colorful packaging (marketing and advertising), the cost of health outcomes and diseases stemming from a unhealthy diet (cancer, heart disease, diabetes), is very expensive.

So we are either paying the farmer now, or the doctor later. Either way money is being spent so might as well spend it on your health and decrease your risk of poor health in the future.
Here are some of my favorite money saving tips for healthy eating!

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Reiki is in the Air!

Greetings, Sister Tribe! 

I’ve had several people ask me recently to be their Reiki teacher… wow!  Letting that really soak in… breath in… breath out… what an honor!  With a heart full of thanksgiving, now I know it’s time to schedule another class!

 But wait, I hear…

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Trusting the Pain

Life.  It can be peaceful, it can be painful.  Every single one of us women know that life ebbs and flows and yet still when it does, it feels like a panic attack may emerge.  Why?

Why do we resist the ebbs?  The ebbs of family life, work, relationships, personal feelings and mental chatter are all a part of life.  Does it come down to how we each view life itself, consciously or unconsciously?  I know many beautiful women who are conscious and awakened and yet when the ebbs start, it becomes almost too unbearable to handle. Why does this happen?  Read More

Clearing Your Space

Clearing your space with sage or palo santo when moving into a new home.


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30 Minute Migraine

Lying on my back, still heavy in body, I feel myself begin to transition from a deep sleep to soft awakening. Without opening my eyes, I begin to notice how I am wearing my legs, arms, back, and there it is – my throbbing HEAD! Ugh…it still hurts. I recognize the pain doesn’t resemble my head being sandwiched in a vice grip. This is a very good sign and not my first rodeo with a hormonal or barometric pressure migraine. Today I will find out will it be a storm in my uterus or in the sky? Only time will tell. Read More

Morning Prayer

This is a prayer I have used for many years and I hope you enjoy its power.  Read More

Reclaiming My Body-A Path of Strength and Skill

It was the lights, swirling red and orange outside my window, that awakened me. I may have heard sirens or voices – I can’t recall now what exactly compelled me to slip from beneath the covers and make my way into a darkened hallway. Our neighbor from next door was sitting silently atop the stairs. He turned and asked awkwardly, “do you want a glass of water?” Scared, I said nothing and returned to bed.

 Later, I would compliment my mother on her beautiful smile. Later still, I would learn her teeth had been replaced by gleaming dentures. I was told she had taken a spill down the stairs and I believed it. I was 7 or 8 at the time, approximately 4 years after I witnessed my mother up against a wall, my father’s fist at her face.

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Emotions Defined in 6 words and why they matter…

I am sitting in this lovely Urban Rustic coffee shop, it’s cool 60 degrees overcast and calm.  The light at my table gives off a soft glow, my Handmade blue coffee cup holds my first Pumpkin Spice Americano of the season.  It is not fall yet, but a feeling in the air makes itself known and reminds me, that it’s not too far off for Colorado.

What I am experiencing is Joy and Happiness reminds me of days gone by. I’m in my 50’s now and a thought or reaction to a memory, can take me back to good times and bad. This experience or Emotion makes me Happy, Content and Contemplative. Since being in Colorado I have had lots of these types of emotions. It’s kind of crazy, how the memories flood back into my being, without provocation, just a nudge.  Read More

I Need To Find A Safe Place To Blow Up!

Are you a dreamer?  Do you receive messages from Spirit in your night dreams?

 Greetings, Sister Tribe!  Angels, guides, God and ancestors have been communicating with me through my dreams for my entire life!  My bet is that most of you Sisters experience this phenomenon, too I would LOVE to hear about all your nightdreams, Sisters!  So, please hear my please share them here… comment below… let’s connect! <3

Sometimes the messages are so clear, aren’t they?  Easy to understand and digest. Others, like my “bomb” dream (which I’ll share several paragraphs later than now) … has literally taken me years to find closure.  Apparently, my Divinely Designed, inherent healing plan needed me to take my time to learn more for myself (like the Dorothy of Oz from my last blog post) … until today.  It’s all coming together!

Today, I awoke from my nightdream with a new-to-me-word I just had to look up: Read More

How to Cope with Anxiety

Are you an anxious person??  Once we get an understanding of what is happening, what it is, how to cope, and what techniques to use during anxiety, we gain more mastery over our emotional processes. 
Good news is that you have access to many amazing coping tools at all times…watch for more! 

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