The Time is NOW to Be in Action

Greetings Divine Radiance,
Today is an incredible day!
I’m grateful for and open to receive all the blessings, lessons and opportunities the Universe has in store for me!!
We have all been around people who love to complain about their current state, but when a solution is presented that will result in change, they seemingly would rather stay where they are in life and continue complaining.

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Wake Up – Spinal Energy! Video Blog

Do you feel sleepy, heavy, or disconnected in the body or mind?  It is time to empower yourself with this amazing, simple, and VERY accessible short 12 minute yoga class.

Join Dawn DiVita, founder of Yoga DiVita, as she guides you through these easy exercises to move and wake up the spine. Utilize this knowledge where ever you are to clear and clean what is no longer serving you, so you may feel light in body and have clarity in your heart and mind.

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Let’s Play Big! Video Blog

This first video is a milestone for me.  It’s time to stop hiding behind habit and move into our greatness. We will be discovering that our greatest desires are within reach.   Read More

Tuning Forks for Sound Healing

Tuning Forks that are used for healing are a key aspect of sound and vibrational healing therapy.

This alternative form of therapy involves using specific pitches, sounds and vibrations to relieve stress, relieve pain and bring healing within the body.  Tuning forks are used to treat everyone from adults to children and even pets. Tuning forks are used for healing because of their ability to emit vibrations and frequency. Read More

Success as Revenge? (I dislike this statement)

They say the greatest revenge you can get on people is being successful.  Well, this statement always sat in my heart uncomfortably. I tried chewing it over, and it didn’t taste right. I tried sleeping on it, and it made me restless. I tried feeling it out and it felt like I was running my hands over  (literal) blades of grass. It hurt. It really actually hurt to try and believe in that. Because you know what? It DOES hurt.

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How You Lost Your Fitness Mojo – Video Blog

Flip the script and feel your best! The number one strategy to life-long health and fitness. It’s NOT another diet! Read More

Getting Old

“I don’t know where this tumor came from,” said the doctor to his patient, “you’re so healthy.”

I was in shock as my client related the story of her husband’s recent visit to his doctor. This husband is a man in his late 60’s who has had type 2 diabetes for years, he is on high blood pressure medication, he is riddled with arthritis and has just discovered he has a large tumor on one of his kidneys. 

I replied, “Healthy!? What!?  He has diabetes, high blood pressure and arthritis!” Read More

How to get your husband healthy: Episode 2 Video Blog

Ladies, is your husband a picky eater?
Does he resist the idea of eating healthy?
Is he even worse at eating his fruits and veggies as your kids?
I get this feedback ALL THE TIME as a Family Health Coach.
In this video series I interviewed my own husband to share his own healthy eating story and how it is possible for your hubby to get on board with a healthier lifestyle.
This episode covers the reasons why husbands are so resistant to eating healthy.
We cover the resistance to change, the misconception of what eating healthy means, getting out of the diet mentality and much more.
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If you believed your words held the power of creation, how differently would you speak?

Greetings you Magnificent Ray of Light!

Are you aware of the power of your words? I know you’ve heard time and time again that your words are powerful, but do you truly know just how powerful the words you speak everyday are?  Read More

Please Help! Your Assistance Matters!

Dear tribe, I write this blog post to all of you because I know each and every one of you who read our blogs posts care about all beings on this beautiful Mother Earth we inhabit.

I personally know a woman who just survived the devastation of Mother Earth’s roars on the island of Dominica.  Cirra is from the US Virgin Islands and I met her at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona in 2011.  Cirra is also in the National Guard, and she moved back into island life after school.

This morning while skimming through Facebook, I came across Cirra’s Facebook post. Along with her devastating words were 12 horrific pictures of what is left of the island.  Take a look at her post:

“This is Dominica. We need help! Food and water is scarce. Nothing has been 21687606_10159302957270576_869484932367606810_ndelivered to our village, Scottshead, as of this morning. No way to get trash out, roads are gone for miles and miles, no medicine, a dead woman is decomposing under rubble in the middle of our village. It’s beyond bad! Scottshead needs help. The whole island is destroyed.

Akeem and I are buying supplies to get to the southern end of the island. They have not received any food, water or medicine! We have a boat that will take it. We’re also trying to get people off the island. Your donations make this possible.”

21767980_10159302958195576_5807743485743001189_n(This is Cirra’s house right here!)

It’s one thing to watch the news and see what is happening to others, and feel that energetic distance between “us” and “them”, but it is a completely different experience when you see someone you know personally experiencing something like this!

Often times when we see a Fundraiser link, we may think “Is this real?”

I promise you, this is VERY REAL!!

Please let humanity know you care! Allow your soul to share the gift of giving and grace.

When you donate to help my friend and the people on the island, you will feel your soul 22007822_10159302956530576_7617290988233586655_nsmile.  These people need WATER, FOOD, and medicine!  Can you imagine if this was something you were experiencing right now???

(This is a picture of Cirra’s road to her house)

Let’s PLEASE help our sisters and brothers! Just share what you can, no amount is too small!!


Cirra’s daughter Jasmine who lives in the United States set up a


to help her Mom and the people on the island! Let’s Help!
















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